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On Monday 10/01/2012 we took our 2008 Scion Xb to Aamco for a clutch replacement. Our service person, Mike asked for our birhtdate and last four digits of our social security number. He informed us that this info is needed to authorize the initial breakdown and inspect of the vehicle. We then leave the vehicle with Aamco.

It takes Mike and his crew two full buisiness days to get back to use with a complete and definitive diagnosis. This is 10/03/2012. Mike explains what his tech has found. He tells us the clutch is definitely destroyed. Then we ask for an estimate, which Mike readily gives to us over the phone. We inform Mike that we need to review our options and that will come in to the Aamco when we decide.

Mike then explains he will call "around" to find the parts availability.

10/04/2012 Mike calls and informs us that the vehicle is ready to be picked up. Mike gives me tha balance due. I explain to Mike he had not yet given us a written estimate, and asked why they we proceed to repair the vehicle. I then went on to explain, that the balance he was giving me now, was much higher then his original "oral" quote. Mike flatly explained that when I gave him the birthdate and last four digits of my social security number, that I was giving him authorization to repair the vehicle. I REMINDED him that we had not yet been given a written estimate, only an oral estimate. I explained that he, himself had stated the information I gave was only for the initial breakdown. Mike again insited that a written estimate, signed by myself was not needed. I disagreed and then ended the call and headed over to the Aamco.

When I arrived at the Aamco Mike was there to discuss the situation. He informed me that Aamco actions were legal, and that I was to remit the payment as shown on the invoice. Mike and the Owner Mark (who was on the Aamco's phone) both explain that they were in their legal rights to do the repairs and charge the price listed. I argued for some time, to no avail. I was told if I want our vehicle, I would pay the price, stop holding up Marks's employee Mike and take my vehicle and go.

We ended up going from and oral quote of $1119.00 and taxes to an out the door non-quoted price of $1461.00 plus taxes. We feel that Aamco, Mark and Mike planned and executed a fraudulant transaction.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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They always do.Did you expect anything else. In Floridawith out a signed repair authorization their work is illegal. Must be signed by customer.

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