Had them replace my transmission. I would have used ANYone else, but they finance.

They took the old transmission, put it in a thin cardboard box and tossed it in the back of my suv, and didnt tell me.

Took a corner and it rolled, broke some of my trim, and spilled transmission fluid all over the upholstery.

And broke my antenna.

Which is no where near any place they had to work to do this job

And on top of they they were way way WAY off about the final cost.

So its like this. Im an rookie mechanic. Basic stuff no problem. This transmission is very easy to replace, the one I purchased even came with a new torque converter, all they had to do is bolt it on, connect some hoses, connect the wiring harness and fill it up with new fluid.

Shazam, easy. If I had a lift I could have done this myself in three hours.

They charged me almost 900 fricking dollars.

User's recommendation: Go ANYWHERE ELSE. And if they are the only option, take the bus. If there is no bus, walk. There is no reason on Gods green Earth to subject yourself to this kind of treatment.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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