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Need info about a repair shop had fix my car trany and changed my oil put a new thermostat in it. I went to pick up my cat they siad it was ready left there heard a nock in engine brought it back same day 5mins from time I left they said they do not know how it got there so they change the oil that was not done at the time they had the car put some type of addative in the gas and oil.

took car for a ride trany blow again they had it brought back to them repaired bad converter and seals. Also they had to replace switch that was cut when trany was done the frist time. car was ready again took it to work for 2 or three days blow radiator hose had that replace by me at work could not drove it that way went out the next day took it on the highway trany was blowing trany fluid out the over flow also found parts missing and falling out return car back to them they put what they had back on still waiting on one part but ok to drive they said took it from them drove it up a hill just buy there shop stalled and made a nosie oil pressure light can on he said I don't know why so I took it back. they said it throttle body sending unit so they fix I call them they said ready to drive drove it 30 mins engnie stall could not get it to turn over they took it back to shop.

this car had only 349 mile on it from when it was repaired for trany,oil change and thromstat done been in and out of there shop sence 9/20/2011 went back many time this last time engine is dead 10/15/2011.

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John N

Next time you submit a complaint, pay attention to the little red thing that appears under a potentially misspelled word. It sure does make reading your musings easier. Also, a refresher course in 7th grade English would be helpful.

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