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My 2005 Mini Cooper was not starting so I had it towed to the nearest AAMCO for $100. The mechanic told me from the first inspection all it looked like was a loose cable.

He wanted me to pay him $240 to "really see what the problem was" but if I had him fix whatever the problem was he wouldn't charge me the $240 (which I never signed anything for because I disagreed with this). The next call I recived was a different mechanic from the same Aamco who told me it was going to cost $4,000.00 to fix while the car (in running condition) would only be worth about $3000. Fixing it was out of the question. I then had a "cars for cash" guy come to the aamco to buy the car from me since the mechanic said he couldn't afford to buy it from me.

After the Aamco mechanic drove the price down on the car by explaining everything that was wrong with it to the Cars for Cash guy, he still wanted the $240 for the estimate.

He would not let me take the car until I paid the $240. So I had to pay him the money for doing absolutely nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Estimate.

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