I had Aamco work on my Transmission about 3 years ago. It was $4,000.00 plus 3 weeks of a rental car (over $1000.00)

My transmission went out again about 1.5 years later. I didn't know what the problem was, so I had it towed to the Chevy Dealership out of my pocket. The dealership said the transmission has gone bad due to a bad torque converter (in which Aamco had replaced the first time)

I called Aamco and they had it towed back to their same shop and they knew once a torque converter goes bad the whole transmission goes bad. They told me that the torque converter's warranty was expired (1 yr) even though they said it was a bad converter. They called the manufacturer to see if they could somehow get an extended warranty on the bad converter but they couldn't. They felt bad and said that they would "make it right".

So they pulled my car apart and told me what they had to do and I said it was going to cost another 4,000.00 dollars since the warranty was expired on their service. I was extremely upset beings this was caused by a bad torque converter they put in their in the first place. I said no thanks and that I would come pick it up and take it somewhere else. They then said it was going to cost 1500.00 just to put the transmission back together so I can have it towed out of there. So, they tricked me into having to get it fixed there. Yes, I paid another $4,000.00 plus another 3 weeks of a rental car on top of that: Already down over $10,000.00 plus the time I have taken off work and the lack of sleep due to the financial stress.

They said they felt bad so they gave me a 5 yr, 80,000 mile warranty. they said I pretty much had a brand new car now too. Well, here we go again: just 2 weeks ago my transmission went out again. I live in a different city 50 miles away now. I took it to a different Aamco and I showed them the warranty and their response: "we have never seen any warranty with Aamco like this...EVER" They called the original shop and the original shop paid to have it towed over there and it has been there for the past 2 weeks now. I have been paying for ANOTHER rental car because of their poor service.

Aamco's Warranty is supposed to be nationwide: I find it very fishy that they towed it back over there. it makes me think that they didn't want any other mechanic taking a look at my car due to them lying about all the parts and service they have performed. I'm going nuts.....this isn't right!!!!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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