Greenwood Village, Colorado

Update by user Mar 19, 2019

AAMCO Corporate paid for the transmission repairs at another non AAMCO shop, Kimmer Transmission in Centennial, CO. AFTER so many months, emails, phone calls, very litte response from Corporate too! Horrible company, horrible customer service, and NO accountability for their franchises!

Update by user Mar 19, 2019

After over a year of *** and stress and a huge lack of customer service, no replies and wasted time, FINALLY got my car's transmission fixed, rebuilt by another non-AAMCO shop. Kimmer Transmission, in Centennial, CO, near Denver, did a fabulous job.

Honest, kind communication from beginning to end. In fact, thanks to Kimmer Transmission, the transmission was rebuilt CORRECTLY this time. AAMCO had used the wrong parts, for the wrong year/type on my Isuzu Rodeo. In fact, the AAMCO work was never going to be right or work properly, despite AAMCO having my car in their shop for over 3 months on the last visit, and so many other times in the past year after I paid them over $3800 to repair my car's transmission.

Not to mention, they lied and treated me like an idiot. WOW...but that's OVER now, I lost $1400 in rentals while believing AAMCO was working on my car. Time to move on!!

BUT I will NEVER go to any AAMCO again, and I will continue to make sure NO ONE else does!! NEVER go to AAMCO, apparently they are horrible in so many other cities too!!!

Update by user Jan 25, 2019

As of JAN 25, 2019. Car is currently having transmission repaired and rechecked by Kimmer Transmission who did 2nd opinion on my car's transmission issues.

Repair is being paid by Aamco since I refused to let any Aamco touch my car again. Even still, Aamco Corporate Customer Service, Mike Pekula, still avoids my emails. I don't call anymore since it's a waste of time and I want everything in writing. I still don't know if my 3 year warranty will be honored after this repair by another shop.

I still want my refund as I've spent so much time without my car and many rental car expenses while original AAMCO shop was NOT fixing my car. AAMCO is not dependable nor truthful.

I will update this post if anything changes. Maybe a class action lawsuit is way overdue??!

Original review posted by user Dec 26, 2018

Aamco now owned/handled by American Drive Line. I previously posted my nightmare with Aamco here in Denver. For the past 6 months I have been contacting Corporate via phone (waste of time since no one is ever available) and also my email, which sometimes works. This company needs to know how many AAMCO shops are ripping off consumers every day and how many shops are NOT QUALIFIED to work on transmissions. This company needs to REPAY every single person they've ripped off. I've wasted my time and so much money (in rentals and "added" costs) trying to fix my car, which I now believe never needed a transmission rebuild. So please, just keep calling and keep emailing until you get your money back or some resolution!! I'm almost there, finally got AAMCO corporate to agree to pay for my repairs at another NON AAMCO shop! We'll see if that actually happens, since I trust NO ONE at Aamco. The warranty is useless since the shop owners don't care!! My car was at the shop over 3 months, on several visits, and 2 months on the last visit. I spent over $3800 on the transmission rebuild/repair AND over $1400 in rental car/Lyft ride costs while they were supposedly working on my car. I've caught the shop owner and manager in many lies, I wrote down every conversation, and still they lied!! They did not work on my car but instead let it sit there for 2 months, my new battery died too.... so something is very wrong with this company and many of its franchises. PLEASE keep writing and calling to make sure this company knows what is going on!! Don't stop! Wishing you all LUCK in getting your paid work fixed in a "timely" manner once and for all!!!

Contact Corporate and send complaint to

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how did you get them to pay another shop i had my car towed to aamco and 29 days later and 1572.00 i had to have it towed from an aamco shop to another shop they destroyed my car they didnt love the axels in and a whole lot more they did more damage to my car then what i brought it in there for ive been brokedown in lancaster pa for going on 6 weeks now and i dont have the money to pay ford to fix my car how can i getr aamco to refund my money you can email me at thank you and im 1300 miles away from home

James A

I will contact them too.


Aridseahorse - please tell me how you got corporate to pay for repairs at a NON AAMCO shop.


A gazillion emails and phone calls. Also, sharing complaints all 9ver social media.

Persistence pays off. But i still don't trust them. My car is going to non Aamco shop next week...... we'll see how this all turns out....

I still want a refund for car rental expenses ... just keep calling and keep emailing until you get a refund or what you want


I agree with above post !!!!!! Local AAMCO has proven time and again to be inept and unprofessional and unethical!!!

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