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My son took his car to aamco to get repaired. Turns out his alternator was bad and he needed a new one.

The alternator he has a warranty. Matt Feraci told my son he wouldn't work on his car because he dont install auotzone parts. And that he had already ordered a alternator and it would be 20% to cancel it. First off noone told him to order anything.

So because he wouldn't buy aamco parts he got refused service. And Matts Feraci reason was because autozon sells bad parts. If this is how you do business it suck. Its not Matts Feraci money being spent.

Then he had the nerves to say not to work on his car on the lot or hes calling the police. Really is this good customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Repair.

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Matt's statements to your son seem on target. Maybe Matt's words on Autozone parts should have been "SUB-PAR" as opposed to "bad".

Obviously very poor alternator if it needs to be replaced again.

As a service manager myself, it is industry standard that customers are not allowed to work on their vehicles on the property. I do believe Autozone even has a sign stating the same thing.