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3426 S Military Trail, Lake Worth, FL 33463

I spoke to a customer service agent yesterday about towing my vehicle to the location in Lake Park, FL. There was a communication conflict as I thought i called the aamco in Lake Park but was on the phone with the Lake worth location.

From our conversation, the agent should have known that I meant to be towed to the other aamco nearest to me when I said I was "just down the street, a few miles away in palm beach gardens, PGA BLVD but I was never corrected about that.

From this information going to the service agent, they should have known ( as someone arranging towing and discussing fees), that I was indeed 15 miles away, not just down the street, as I thought.

I use to work customer service in a place that had several locations across town, in my professional experience this agent was missing a key which would be fundamental to business, which is listening and making important connections for the customer experience and intention.

My vehicle was towed 15 miles away to Lake worth instead of the proper location. In Lake Park.

I can see how this would be a common mistake for people who are doing a google search for aamco. The location in lake park and lake worth are both near military trail. As a customer service agent, there should be an awareness about this to avoid miscommunication, wasted time, money and effort.

This was the missing experience to begin with that created a conflict.

When I was made aware of this mistake however, it was too late and my vehicle had already been towed. But luckily I found out before the shop inspected my vehicle. So, I called the shop immediately to explain what I think happened and the person on the phone (alex) was not receptive to this concern that I had.

I was willing to allow them to service my vehicle until Alex was becoming aggravated and pushing the blame on to me. Each time I thought the conflict was clearly communicated, Alex would begin to bring it up again as an attempt to pass blame on to me or get the last word.

My original intention was not to pass blame but to create an awareness for this person to learn from the mistake and assure me that my original intention to tow my vehicle to the Lake worth location, unfortunately did not happen.

All I needed was an understanding, never did I say I wanted a discount.

Or a refund, I just wanted to know if this person understood the conflict and why it happened. As someone who has worked customer service myself for many years, successfully, that's what i would have needed to know... "how could i have done this better?"

This conversation became abusive when alex began to push blame more and more, place me on hold abruptly, hang up on me etc.... this was simply an aversion to constructive criticism that would help him become better with servicing the public, that turned into an abusive situation.

I eventually was able to tell him that I will not be having them service my vehicle.

This is because, he left no room in the conversation for me.

I told him I couldn't speak to him,- this was not a demand, it was an observation. He was talking over me and becoming aggravated and eventually, yelled at me to get my car towed and do it myself before he hung up.

So, I decided to call the aamco that would normally service my vehicle in Lake Park and tell them the situation.

Monetary Loss: $125.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

AAMCO Cons: Abuse.

Location: 3426 South Military Trail, Lake Worth, FL 33463

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I do not let people service my property that are mean and rude and to me and my service inquiries. The reality is that, in my first call to attempt to arrange Towing to the Lake Park location, there was either negligence on the part of the customer service agent to identify my needs, or my vulnerability in that moment was taken advantage of.

I should not have been told that there was no one that would talk to me, the reality is that this came from the fact that no one would let me speak or hear me to begin with. Luckily I was able to pay the $125 but the extra cost wasnt just the $25.

It was all of the time, effort, and dignity. This was a traumatic event for me.


So, I decided to call the aamco that would normally service my vehicle in Lake Park and tell them the situation. This was the normal customer service experience I was looking for.

Marie said she would call the Lake Worth location and arrange to have my vehicle moved to them. When she called me back she told me we were all set, the only thin I needed to do was call the Lake Worth location and pay them the towing fee in order for them to release my vehicle. When I called the Lake Worth location the same person answered the phone and when I said who I was he replied oh you won't speak to me and then placed me on a long hold after the long hold he picked up the phone and said sorry there's no one here that can talk to you right now. Immediately before he hung up, I told him that I simply needed to pay for the towing fee in order to release my vehicle.

So he put me on a long hold again making me wonder do I need to call the police in order to get my property back? He came onto the phone again and told me that he would take my payment only if I have a debit card temperature I replied yes I have a debit card and instead of the original $100 Towing fee he charged me $125. When I asked him why is there now a price difference he told me that I'm being charged $25 for the conflict and for the fact that they were no longer going to be servicing my vehicle.

This is retaliation and punishment for the conflict to begin with. The reality is that without the conflict of not being able to communicate to this person, this shop would have worked on my car.

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