4110 E Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen, TX 76543, USA
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I took my 2007 nissan quest to a local aamco transmission total car care in killeen tx because i wanted them to check my transmission because i felt it was having a delay in shift/slight jump in shift. I took it to a local shop before i went to aamco and they said my check engine light showed (fuel system lean and shift malfunction), so after that i took it to aamco.

Aamco said the transmission diagnosis would be free. Once they had the vehicle they said the vehicle wasnt allowing them to properly test the transmission because it wasnt giving a good drive an was trying to bogg out. They said the engine tech needed to check it which ended up costing me $157 for them to check it. They later said the vehicle was bogging out because i needed to replace all my catalytic converters which it was 3.

They told me it was 1200 for parts and 1000 for labor. I went in to the store an told them i cant afford that price an ill just pay the $157. I told them i found the parts much cheaper on ebay and that other muffler shops would do the labor for a much lower price. They then told me they could do the labor for like $760 if i ordered my own parts.....

Didnt make sense because they just told me the labor was 1000. After i paid the 157 and was about to leave they said "hey we had to poke a whole in your catalytic converter to see if it was the issue so i was going to hear a noise". I asked is the vehicle going to drive like it did when i brought it to them and they said it should drive better because it was now getting better air flow but now just has a noise. I literally just drove a few shops down to "TexStar AutoCare/Napa AutoCare Canter" and they immediately told me that the aamco shop should not have poked a whole in the converter as thats not how you diagnos the catalytic converter.

They put the vehicle on the lift and showed me where aamco poked a whole and tried to weld it. Aamco erased the check engine codes so now we have to wait until the codes pop back up before the TexStar shop can properly diagnos the vehicle but at the end of the day i never authorized aamco to tamper with the catalytic converter nor poke a whole in it. I took the vehicle there to get the transmission checked and they ended up checking the engine performance and later poked a whole in the catalytic conveter. The TexStar shop has said they will asisst an provide any additional help/codes in this case but has professionally stated that i needed to contact corporate and stated that now even when they properly diagnos the vehicle, even if the the catalytic converters are NOT bad, no matter what, i will have to replace that one they poked a whole in.

Please contact me as soon as possible. As a recently retired Army CID Federal Special Agent in the Ft Hood Killeen TX area id hate to know that this aamco location on veterans memorial rd is taking advantage of there customers/military personel because i would have to report this as a off limits establishment to army soldiers. Please call me at 7573720592.

Mr Stroman.

Thanks for your time. Very respectfully, Mr Stroman

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Diagnostics.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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