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Please save yourself the aggravation and DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR TO THIS SHOP!!!!! They are dishonest and try to get over on you so you have to bring your car back for additional repairs. SMH! They already have 7 complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau, this year alone.

My car was smogged on 09/09/11 and passed at East Bay Auto Care in San Leandro. They verified that there were NO leaks at the time of their inspection. The car was then taken to Aamco in Hayward to replace one of the motor mounts on 09/23/11. After an hour or so, Aamco called stating that the other motor mount was damaged and they asked if we wanted that repaired also. We said no, not at this time (financial reasons). No oil leaks or additional damage were mentioned at that time or at the time of completion. Nothing was listed on our work order about leaks, only the other motor mount. We began noticing oil leaking from under the engine on 09/24/11 and the leak kept getting worse as the days went on. We finally contacted Aamco on 09/29/11 to address the problem and brought the car in. When I arrived, he stated that the leak was already present before they began replacing the motor mount. He proceeded to show us their copy of the work order with additional notes about existing leakage that is not on our copy. I asked why that wasn't told to us prior to picking the car up the first time and he did not have an answer for me. He looked at it and then called back and stated that oil is in fact leaking from so many different areas and it's not just a drip anymore. We asked if it was possible if a seal may have been damaged at the time that the motor mount was repaired? And he stated, "No, that's not possible." I then asked, "It's not POSSIBLE?" He replied, "Well, it is POSSIBLE. But my guys don't do that." So since the ALL the oil leaked out of the car, I asked him if he could just kindly put some oil in and I'll be on my way. He told me, "Get the F%#K off my property!" and called the cops on me. The cop told me to just stay away from the shop and that they've already been there numerous times for complaints. There is a different way to generate revenue for company besides sabotaging peoples cars so they have to come back. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE! The amount the charge for labor is enough to turn you away. CRAZINESS!!!!

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My elderly dad took his 1976 Chev Bel-Air (22,000 original miles) to Aamco for a "free" inspection. I am a certified Goodwrench mechanic.

The shop pulled the tranny oil pan off and brought it to my dad to show him a pile of metal shavings they "found" in the pan. They said the car needed a new tranny. My dad called me and I met him at Aamco. The service manager showed me the pan shavings, and I knew right away what they were.

Next door to Aamco, was a brake shop. The shavings were from a brake rotor resurfacing machine. The shavings were in a neat little pile (obviously poured in). I told Aamco to put the pan back on and we left.

I cleaned out the shavings for dad. The only thing wrong with the tranny was the modulator vacuum line was disconnected.

Reconnected it and it is fine. DO NOT TRUST THESE CROOKS!!


AAMCO is like a franchise or whatever. It's privately owned and operated by somebody local.

So you get different experiences depending on who is hire to work there.

Personally; I got a custom transmission installed and a custom rear differential installed for under $2500. Anyplace else would have run me into $5000.

I've since gone back for little things like busted boots, etc and they fix it right the first time, every time.


I was warned about AAMCO before I had a drivers licsence, and Im 61 years old.


They overpriced me n dont want to giv me my car bac unlesss I giv them 3g

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