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I’d say good morning but that is not what it is, I picked up my vehicle on Friday afternoon, it conked out once bring it back home, it conked out 3 times on Saturday, this morning it was 8 times my trip was to hospital then work less than 10 miles total and it conked out on me 8 times, almost every stop it would die, the smell of fumes is strong. These were not issues at all when I gave my vehicle to David with Aamco.

I’m so upset, I feel like crying, I’ve paid so much money to his shop and my vehicle is worse that it was. First the tranny ($2800) it sounded so loud, not kidding my daught told me she could hear clear down her street. Now that is good did he finally fix that this time around, I thought his work was warrentied and I thought it was suppose to be fixed correctly.

At least that is what it says in the commercials, are these untrue statement to capture a person like me who lives payday to payday.

Since I called him out, David is no longer the nice person he was, in fact I called and called last week after he said my vehicle was broken into, I see no evidence of a window being broken, sad to say but I believe he was not telling me the truth.

I took my daughter and son’s vehicles there too, all together I’ve paid more than $5000.00 to David’s Aamco and I have no good running vehicle. I have my grandkids who ride in my vehicle I’m so stressed now, I’m not very good at speaking up, everyone around me says I need to but I did and now David is mean and will not fix what he says was working great while he drove it, What does that even mean, it doesn’t work right at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Repair.

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