AAmco is a straight fraud from the jump. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE your transmission apart.

Actually DO NOT go there in the first place. Their trick is to get you in there get some stuff taken apart and then you are committed. So at that point they can tell you whatever price they want to cause you are commited to spending a minimum of $750 to put the transmission back together. If you put it back together and go somewhere else you are already out the $750.

So then logically you think that you might as well let them do it cause I am already out the $750 and taking it somewhere else will cost even more.

They commit you to a minimum money, then they have you. Do not go to them in the first place.

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So my car was suppose to get a diagnose through Aamco for my transmission that has been shifting hard. I go ahead and drop off my car to Ammco on 05/06/10 at 2pm, at about 4:30pm Jeff from Aamco calls me and tells me that they will need to open up the transmission to be able to tell me what's exactly wrong with it.

I asked Jeff that if I go ahead and get the work done through them once we know what is wrong with the transmission what price am I looking at? Jeff said between $1600 and $3200, $3200 being my WORSE CASE SCENARIO!. Well they opened up my transmission, and I did not hear from them until Monday 05/10/2010, Jeff informed me that I am looking at $4200, because the casing is broken. So I tell him that I will discuss it with my husband and call him back in 1 hour.

My husband calls him back after he's called other shops for estimates, and informed him that we will not get the work done through them because the price is Outrageous! He tells my husband that he will call him back because he needs to speak to his Supervisor. Jeff calls my husband back and tells him that he can do some of the work for $3200. My husband tells Jeff that we will pass, and that we are going to pick the car up.

Well now Jeff is charging us $1000 because they alleged that they opened up the transmission to check the inside.

Well see the problem is that the part that is needs to get replaced is the casing, where they can clearly see it without opening up anything. So now I am waiting for them to put my transmission back together so that I can pick up my car.


In all fairness, NO ONE knows what needs to be replaced in the transmission until it is out of the car and taken apart to see what parts are broken. The only way around this is to charge as if all the parts needs to be replaced, which would be very high. $750 for the removal is on the higher side, but not completely unreasonable.

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