Butler, New Jersey

Had the trans on our Windstar rebuilt less than three years and 22000 miles ago. At the time Jamie talked us into an additional $1000 for "upgraded parts".

Recently had the o/d light flash so we brought it in to get it checked and figured we would get a trans service done while it was there. After a few days go by with no call, we contact them and Jamie gives us a list of things that should be fixed that have probably ruined the transmission again based on codes from the computer. The list included things like low battery voltage (the battery had recently been replaced) and a brake light failure (also recently replaced) then goes on to tell me that the torque converter lockup is somehow controlled by the right rear brake light on Fords. At no time would he give me an estimate of what it would cost to fix any of this including the transmission that would need to be rebuilt to repair "something electrical inside".

I tell him I don't want him to touch anything on the car and I will have it checked out somewhere else and he says I should come pick it up. Less than a half hour later we get there to pick it up, and Mike and Jamie disappear into the back rather than try to explain anything further. We check the van and notice they have run through over a quarter of the tank of gas. This is at least 100 miles of "test driving".

When we bring this up to the girl at the counter, she immediately offers us $20 cash to cover the gas without putting up any argument whatsoever. Nothing to sign, keys are in the van, have a nice day. Seemed a little strange to us. So we get the van home which runs fine the whole way, and I plug in my code reader.

Can't say it was much of a surprise at this point but there are no active codes. They may have read stored codes since the did seem to correlate with recent repairs, but still nothing related to the transmission.

We will be taking the van to a reputable transmission shop to have the service done (the one we authorized Aamco to do but they never did) and see if they find anything wrong.

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