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I heard about the no credit check financing offered by Aamco. I took my truck in when my newly rebuilt transmission started slipping again after taking back to the original shop where it sat for 4 weeks before being corrected.

I was afraid that the additional repairs would be more than I could afford, and have credit blemishes due to a long-term illness.

The cost estimate was $980. The manager told me that they would not finance the repairs and if I took it somewhere else it would cost me $188 for the diagnostic. I approved the repairs. I drove 10 miles before the transmission started slipping again.

The parts they replaced were worn but functioning properly. The part that was bad cost about $35 and took less than 15 minutes to replace.

Monetary Loss: $980.

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but, you must remember that each shop is independent from corp and they have the choice of participating in the financing programs or not. You need to ask this question first.

Now, if your app was submitted and declined, you must keep in mind that the financing is provided by a 3rd party financing co and the center has no control over this.

In fact, due to privacy laws, the financing co cannot even tell the AAMCO center why you may have been declined. Unfortunately, due to many factors, not everyone will get approved.

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