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My son-in-law Edgar Calhoun took his 2005 Dodge Dakota to the aamco station located there in Clearwater not the one in u.s. 19 the service technician diagnose the vehicle with a bad transmission and solely rebuild at no time after the vehicle was rebuilt did it run properly and it had to go back over and over again for the same problem at which point your service technician told my son-in-law that he needs to take his vehicle somewhere else to have it repaired aamco advertises itself as we didn't become the world's best-known transmission place by accident it also states that it has the proper technicians and equipment to diagnose and fix any modern vehicle this did not seem to happen on the 1st visit to the aamco station in Clearwater not to be confused with the aamco station in Clearwater off of US 19 the office on US 19 is very professional and they both have the professionalism the shop equipment and the knowledge to do a job right...

It is my opinion that the first office aamco your franchise it's just sewing transmission without the diagnosis and the wind is bad he just tells the customers to take the car somewhere else now this is not what I would expect at ampco there are many fly-by-night transmission places that could have been gone to for a lot less money but we chose aamco for its warranty national recognition and reputation for a job done right..unfortunately this did not happen at your first service station he simply sold my son-in-law a new transmission and when that did not solve the problem he touring the pound sand a lot less work but being told to take the vehicle to another place when the transmission is acting up and could go out was very unprofessional and you failed to recognize the idea that he may have misdiagnosed the vehicle and I feel that is the case.. the vehicle a 2005 Dodge Dakota blue was taken to the aamco station on US 19 after it was taken to another place and they said they could not imagine it was anything other than a transmission problem are only there for one day and only did a cursory inspection. I then got involved and I had the vehicle taken to emco in Clearwater dropped off after filing a complaint with the pissed-off customer website outlining my concerns... I have spoken with the office on US 19 Clearwater and they have.

Identify that is a bad computer... I feel this is something the first aamco station your franchise and therefore your responsibilities ripped off my son-in-law by selling him the transmission when that was not the problem and then sending down the road where the vehicle that ran worse than when he brought it in.. here's where I'm going with this email the work at the US 19 office has been under warranty work but when I spoke to the owner he did state that the on board computer would be out of Edgar's pocket. I find this to be outrageous because the onboard computer was probably the problem from the get-go and a rebuilt transmission was not necessary at $3,000 I feel that the on board computer being installed at the aamco Clearwater office should not cost.

Here's my reasoning the first aamco station did not do the diagnostic correctly he's so low him a transmission when more than likely all he needed was a new on-board computer as a trucks drives the same now as before it had the transmission issue.. now amcos going to say that this transmission rebuild is so many months old but the transmission has not run correctly since it has been out of the shop and is been back at the shop multiple times plus my son-in-law had a 4-week commitment in Costa Rica that he couldn't get out of once he returned from Costa Rica he started dealing with the vehicle maintenance after me explaining all this here's the long and short of it number one I wouldn't expect Edgar to have to pay for a new on-board computer when more likely it was diagnosed incorrectly at the first aamco station and he was sold the transmission that he doesn't need I would expect not only a price adjustment but the on board computer to be at no cost as I say they're your franchises they work underneath your corporate name and you certify them as being experts at v-nails the diagnosed equipment and to have the right equipment that does not seem to have happened I would like a call back on this matter at 727-504-6072 at your earliest convenience

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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