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This is our current experience/review with AAMCO SAN ANTONIO: We were on our way to Laredo for a reunion when our car started having problems in San Antonio. We took it to a shop that charged us $60 to basically tell us they couldn't find the problem.

So we decide to take it to AAMCO the guy was super nice and helpful quoted us a high price to take the transmission apart and put it back together and said some of that money would go towards repairs, we needed to find the problem so we went with it. They then called us with the estimate of a lot of repairs needed for a lot more money so my husband asked to see the invoice (we're back home doing this by phone now in Dallas) we get the picture and it's over $2000 just in labor!!!? So we told them no, we'll go somewhere else and now they're changing the price on us just to put it back together! They are trying so hard to get us to pay them for the job and now they're holding our car hostage!!?

Is this how all AAMCO do business?? We asked the AAMCO here and even they quoted a way lower price!

They say it's store policy to put it back together and give it back to us but the AAMCO in San Antonio is obviously ran differently or maybe they have something against us?? PLEASE JUST GIVE US OUR CAR BACK!!

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