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I went to Aamco in Greer, SC because I trusted their name. They rebuilt my transmission and I picked up my car. It didn’t run correctly. The engine now ran rough. They didn’t even work on the engine. I took it back and they said nothing was wrong that it ran that way when it came in.

I took the car to the Chevy dealer and a wiring harness broken and the wires had fallen on the drive shaft. The wires were not functioning correctly. I took the car back to Aamco in Greer to have them fix their problem. At first they said that it was broken when it came in. But that would mean that they are negligent for not telling me. They eventually agreed to replace the wiring harness.

After they replaced the harness the car still ran rough. I took it back and to Aamco in Greer and told them so. They said that the car ran that way when it came in. I then took the car to the Chevy dealer and the wiring was incorrectly installed again. Twice Aamco in Greer installed the wiring wrong. Even after I told them so.

I went back to Aamco in Greer and told that they needed to pay the $80 I paid the Chevy dealer to fix their mistake. They refused.

Aamco doesn’t stand behind their work at all. All of this forced me to rent a car much more than should have been necessary. It cost hundreds of dollars extra. Plus I also had to pay the Chevy dealer to check their work.

Now one year and two weeks later (two weeks beyond the warranty) my transmission fails again. Aamco offers me a discount to do the repair. Well they will not get the chance to rip me off again. This Aamco in Greer is a joke and they don’t know what they are doing.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Why would you keep taking it back to aamco. And you are right most aamco's don't know a thing about transmission repair.

Aamco corp. feeds the future owners with a bunch of misleading info and tells them that they don't need to know a thing about transmissions to run a transmission reair shop.....they are a bunch of morons.......

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