Mahopac, New York
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This shop gave me the worst experience of my life, their front man Dennis will baffle you with bull until you have a headache. They will quote you one price rip your tranny out then drop a bomb on you in the order of 1200 more.

You can always have your tranny reinstalled for 1100 dollars LMAO. Do not use these guys, I know transmission work is expensive but this crew is dishonest including the owner Patricia Schneider. Hey Pat have you ever heard the phrase the customer is always right? Probably not if you were in the hospitality Biz your net promotor score would be in the toilet.

Remember this those of you who have transmission issues(let the buyer beware).

Dont use them there are other worthy reviews on line this isnt sour grapes just a very dissatisfied customer. They never tried to make it right to me that means they dont give a *** and are just waiting for the next victim

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I agree. I had the same experience.

Pat has no integrity and Dennis is out of his mind. They give me the run around about my car. Who cares if my tires have wear on them, tell me what's mechanically wrong with my car!!!! In the end they couldn't tell me what was wrong with my car.

A waste of time!!!

I will never go back there either. All they want to do is take people's money at any cost!

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