Old Bridge Township, New Jersey

My car developed the transmission problem, so I called Aamco at Matawan and Gary (the owner) advised to bring the car by 2 pm so it could be checked and repair estimated by 5pm. Brought the car on time and was told by Cassandra (Fleet manager) to expect the call at 5pm.

Nobody called, so I called after 5 and got Gary on the phone. He stated that they were unable to diagnose the car because of other work and suggested that if I leave a car for another day they will definitely look at it. Initially I told Gary that I can't and have to take the car out, but then I found carpool to work and decided to give them another day. I called back and this time spoke to Cassandra who assured me that I will get a call early in the morning next day.

Next day - nobody called. I called them at 3pm and Cassandra again assured me that they'll look at the car and call me by 6pm. Nobody called. This time I decided to stop taking chances with them and next day early in the morning went there to pick up my keys.

I told Cassandra that it was very irresponsible to treat customers this way and she was unbelievably rude back to me. Apology, what apology?! Not from these people. Immediately after I took my car to Gibraltar Transmission in East Brunswick and what a difference.

Steve took the car for test drive and spent at least half an hour with me explaining what type of issue my transmission developed. I left a car for repair there. I still can't believe how after 1 and a half days nobody at AAMCO could take the car at least for a test drive.

Maybe AAMCO is getting business, but definitely not mine. AAMCO just lost another customer because of their horrendous customer service and rude personnel.

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Very Disappointed in this place and I feel bad writing this, but I must warn other patrons . This AAMCO came highly recommended by my friends, but sadly all of them are now taking their business elsewhere after my unfortunate experience.

 AAMOC in Matawan  replaced a part in my car that was recently replaced by another AAMCO.  When it was brought to their attention, they did absolutely NOTHING to try to rectify it stating it may have been defective??   They had the chance to honor a warranty and they choose not to do it.

  At this point I believe they may be running some kind of a scam.   Beware of this place.


Thank you for sharing this - I had a similar experience where they wanted to do $1800 worth of work to my car. Second opinion mechanic said most of it wasnt needed.

He fixed what was really wrong for under &500. I wrote detailed reviews and they took out their anger on the friend that had referred me and he almost lost his job because his boss is friends woth them. I had to delete my review to save him from being fired ( according to him) I called to discuss but was called an ungrateful *** by Gary who also said I should be thankful he got me a credit line & that I didnt get a bill for the work they did. I told him that credit still has to be paid for by me - so I have no clue what he meant or why he thinks that credit equals free!!

Thank goodness I had a bad feeling & decided on a second opinion!! I notice in reading the reviews there are many on the same dates & they sound like the same person wrote them. Too many positive reviews if you get my meaning. But what they did to ypu is almost the exact thing they did to me.

People have a right to know & rip offs shouldnt get protected. I wasnt expecting any favors but being my friend sent me I was expecting honesty at least.


I had an awful experience with them too - they gave me an estimate of my car needing almost $2000 in repairs when it needed less than $1000. Almost everything they said needed to be fixed was in fine working condition.


My husband and I have been taking our car to Gary and Cassandra for over 3 years now....they are wonderful! How anyone could bash them, I have no idea.

Don't listen to this guy who posted this!!!

Gary is honest, trustworthy and just a great person to do business with! I highly recommend their work!


Cassandra is a liar! And AAMCO of Matawan N.J.

are THIEVES!!!! $2700.00 for our transmission to be rebuilt!!! Cassandra promised my husband our van would be ready by noon today. They have had it since Tuesday!

My husband explained to her, we have GOT to be home (Georgia) this weekend because my son's first day of school is Monday morning!!!! I'm so pissed off. We have AAA and could have had our van towed anywhere!

I'm calling their corporate office non stop until I get the one in charge that thinks it's ok to LIE to get my business! I'm gonna tell EVERY SINGLE PERSON I meet what a HORRIBLE experience it has been doing business with AAMCO of Matawan NJ


I just had an engine seize and went to Aamco in Matawan. Cassandra had a factory new engine located in one day and installed in two more.

The mechanic actually talked to me like I wasn't an *** and told me they went five hours over the estimate because of a problem getting the engine out, but were honoring the original price.

It was the best shop I'd been to in 20 years. Cassandra went through a lot of trouble getting the job done early and keeping me informed every step of the way.


These days it's not easy dealing with customer service. The customers always right and thats just how it is.

I highly doubt this posting is 100%. I have gone to AAMCO of Matawan since they've opened and I have to say they are the most down to earth people. The issue is the free check is for free right. So I think this customer basically wanted something for free and wanted his way.

Theres always 3 sides to a story one side the other side and then the truth. I can not believe people actually go online destroying small businesses. You obviously have no life and should find something to do with your spare time.

If anyone wants a clean pleasant atmopshere and fair pricing take a look yourself and stopped down and ask for Cassandra. She's great!


I agree with you. My check engine light came on, I took my Car to Aamco in Shrewsburry NY..

They told me the same story of wanting me to leave my car for a day. And they thought i need a tranmission costing about $2,300.00. I picked my car back up. I too took my co Gilbraltar Transmissin in East Brunswick and Steve is WONDREFUL.

IT was my gas cap. Cost me nothing.

I will always use Gilbraltar for all my Car Care. Steve is Fair and Honest.


I had a great experience with Aamco. Being a commercial business owner they repair all of my fleet issues.

Always fast, polite and professional. :)

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