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We had a "pop" under our car hood reversing and all get up and go was gone.The closest mechanic was Aamco on Manchester,we had the car towed to the shop via our car insurance.We were told the shop would run a diagnostic test,and look at the transmission,but would not do any work until we authorized it.We were not given a price.Next time we were notified we were told no codes were found but they had taken the transmission apart & we needed a new one and that would be at least 1900-at which point we told him we can't afford that at the moment so we declined.Apon declining to have the work done we were told it was 900 dollars now just for them taking out the transmission which was never authorized in the first place.We decided to over look the transmission being looked at ,however I wanted to know how the conclusion of 900 was reached as they only took 5 hrs the same day it was brought in to remove it and after declining the work,they kept it for another day and a half.When I went to get the car,I asked why it was 900,the manager,Gary said it just was and the reason they kept it was because since ours wasn't getting work done he had other cars in his shop since our car isn't the only car in there,yet we were charged for it being on "the bench"he told me it was 95 dollars an hour at that point which is ridiculous and told me that's what they were charging and "if I didn't like it they'd just keep my car" He also had suggested to my husband that they could put old parts in it to get it running enough for us to sell it off to someone else for them to deal with! SLIMEBALL!!we ended up just selling the car because that shop BROKE the latch to pop the hood,drained our battery and who knows what else.WE hadn't had the car a full month and had to sell it to pay off the ridiculous amount that we owed for the "work" that was done and that would have to be done to repair everything that they had broken along with towing it wouldn't have been worth it for us.stay far FAR AWAY from this guy.Disgusting.He gives new definition to lowdown dirt bags everywhere

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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AAMCO first last and always crooked. Screwwiing the public is their motto!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Please let's talk more because Gary just screwed me. I want to stop him.

@***ed at Gary as well


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