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I took my car to Aamco in New Brunswick on Aug. 7, 2012. Peter stated that the car needed a new engine, which my warranty company did not agree with Peter. Peter gave the hardest time ever to my warranty and told them he would not fix the engine that the only thing he will do is put another engine in my 2006 BMW 525. He said that would cost over $9,000. The warranty told him to showed them the failure to the engine and he refused to do further dianostic. He told me that if I wanted to take my car out of his shop and take it somewhere else I had to Paid him over $1800 worth of dianostic.

My warranty said that my car did not need a new engine, that my engine need some work to be done and that they will cover $3303 for the the repairs. Peter ofcourse refused it.

In December 2012, after Christmas holidays, Peter called me and stated that they broke in into his shop and that they stole my engine, I asked him for a police report and he never gave it to me, so I was already suspicios about Peter lying to me. Until this day I have not seen the police report.

End of January 2013, I had enough with Peter and my warranty going back and forth so my brother and my self personally spoke to Peter and came to an agreement that If I purchased the engine on my own that he will take care of the rest and that will charge me $2200 for labor. I agree.

When I first took my car to Aamco I have him $300 cash deposit then my brother gave him $1000 cash. (I have receipts from Aamco)

Finally on March 9, 2013 I got a call from Peter that my car was ready to be pick up. All the light in in my dash board are on, my car was hit in the back, totally a mess!

On March 13, 2013 I had to towed in my car because the car was heating up...Temperature extremely hot!!! 2 days after that I got my car back with all the lights still on and I asked him why is heating up and he said something about they forgot to hook up the fan. Incredible!

Now here comes the good part, after agreeing that he will charge me $2200, which then I had a balance off $900 because of the deposits I had made previosly. Now he come with another story that he had to do all this extra little things, now I owed him $1600. He is charging me for parts he could off taken from my original engine. I was so tired of all his BS that I agree with the $1600 since that warranty paying $3303.

So I signed the paper work so the waaranty can pay for the repairs ($3303) which after paying my $1600 balance, I should then get back from Peter $1700.

Today I go back to his shop to get my money and he is telling me that I only get $1000 back, Is he crazy or what, I had enough abuse from Peter and I am not taking it anymore. I am going to do what ever it takes to get this resolve.

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The man is a sales shark and has absolutely no concern for quality and doing things the right way. Aamco clearly condones his activity.


Yea, those guys are sleazy. I had a transmission "rebuilt" by them (costing about 3000.00 when all was said and done) just crapped-out recently after only 50,000 miles.

Knowing them, they probably just pulled a trans from a wreck in a junkyard, cleaned it up, then installed it in my car. It was never totally right from the beginning. When I first got the car back, it had a slow trans leak. I brought it back to Mr.

Stutter, I mean Peter. I got the car back after them taking about f'n 10 days to finish it (10 days of rental car fees, thanks). After about a year the leak came back.

At this point I was done with those shysters, and took it to someone else. Please beware, do your research...Good Luck!


Wow. It would be great if this site actually showed up in searches more clearly.

I had nearly the same experience with Peter and the New Brunswick East Brunswick Aamco.

Unbelievable. They have screwed so many people in the area.


Take them to court!

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