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I believe it was July 2019 I took my 92 Chevy lumina APV minivan into AAMCO Transmission in prospect Park I'm a Master Mechanic so what I wanted I was having problems with the car shifting when it got warm since I had high mileage on the car I want to either my transmission rebuilt or I wanted another rebuilt transmission in the car the car is in great shape and I wanted to keep it I'm one of 0 miles on a trans he never told me how much the job was going to cost oh me and my boss is going to hook you up I said do not put a used transmission I told him all through the job he got $2,100 and some change from the bank's I offer them extra money he still told me no me and my boss is going to hook you up I told him again I do not want to use transmission if you need more money you have to give me time to come up with it already he was tearing my car down so my car can be trapped in there then I didn't like what he did as far as my paperwork for this program of what he put down for the financial part I did not agree I had to sign these papers you put a used transmission in there then he turn around the live all through the job that it wasn't used transmission and the car told him no use transmission then when I looked on the paper and I song certified pre-owned transmission actually had to get my car out of there because it was over a month and some days that he had my car he lost bolts he gave me a bag with parts that he put back on they would have never have told me if I didn't look up under my car they must not have took me seriously when I told him I was a Master Mechanic I know every bolt on that car nobody has ever done work on that car but me I trust these guys and they scam me they lie and they stole from me!!!!!!!!!how am I going to trust the transmission that's been used they put all the old seals on with this used transmission it makes a whirling noise in park and I can't feel it going gear and I'm supposed to trust these people by going back and let them mess with it again don't trust them do not trust these people I'm telling you as a Master Mechanic they will scam you they will scam you they get paid for the job if you go in and let them get paid before the job is done through the program do not let them scam you make sure somebody looks up on your car if somebody ever did work I wouldn't trust them don't trust them they will scam you I'm so upset you can't even fathom

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Transmission Replacement.

Aamco Pros: Didnt try to sell me repairs i didnt need.

Aamco Cons: Lies re bad parts false price quotes worst ever.

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