Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Tranny dies on a trip, while going through Birmingham, AL. After leaving it with Aamco in Vestavia, for over a week.

NO rush. They cal late on Monday, telling me it is ready, but it is loud. I told Daniel it was not loud before and to check the exhaust connections, to find the leak. No hurry, as I can not drive back unti Wed.

On wed afternoon at 4:00 PM, I stop in and pay. I am in my friends borrowed vehicle. My truck is buried behind other vehicles. SO no offer to take a test drive is given.

Instead, he asks for the credit card, and tells me he will leave the key in the door of the gas tank, and move it to a place I can pick it up later. Go get my friend to bring me back, they are now closed. And the noise is still there. Drove suburban home 200 miles while it sounded like a jet aircraft.

Called Daniel Fine to ask about it. My warranty says I have to go see the local AAMCO, for a warranty inspection within 10 days. On a 30 day warranty. Local shop in Nashville says he uses the same muffler shop I had inspect the exhaust, so we knew the issue.

Several bolts not tightened, and one installed backwards. So it would never tighten correctly. I sent a photo to them as well showing it. Was told the operations manager would be calling me back.

Over a week later no call still. Called again, and nicely asked for my 82.00 credit for the work I have paid for, they should have done correctly. Daniel says I have to speak with Jimmy Aiken, the same person that never called. I have his business card with 2 addresses, called the other location, asked if they could hook us up?

Good Luck was the answer there. Left my name and cell number again. I informed Daniel with no followup on their part, my next choice is to cal my credit card company and complain. He said he could not speak to me anymore then, and hung up.

*** attitude and follow up from a service company.

Waiting on a call back from corporate offices also.

As they were not taking calls it seems in customer service and only goes to their voice mail.

Monetary Loss: $82.

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Wow! *** service from AAMCO?

I'm shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you!

John N

dispute the charge with your credit card company.

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