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I finally had to come down and look at what I wrote some words got jumbled up and my last review I'm very sorry folks this is the first time I was able to look at my review because I have trouble with understanding some things and how to do them one the internet they did sell me something that I did not want when they put a used transmission that was sitting in someone's junkyard with old seals and everything and they put that thing in my car instead of rebuilding mine there was no reason for them to sell me that used transmission I told them not to put a used transmission in my car rebuild mine if you can't rebuild my give me everbilt unit period! The car is making noises I think they even exchanged some of my motor mounts on a transmission and left my new ones on another one I replace all my motor mount and transmission seals and these things come back looking Dusty like it was mud on it or something no new seals they just slapped the thing in my car and I went through this program of there's a month-and-a-half I would have had the transmission not in a day I would have got a rebuilt transmission and put it back in my car but it was too hot I just got finished doing over $2,500 worth of work to the automobile and I give it to these mental midgets missing bolts when it came back a heatsink if I would have taken the car on the trip the car would have caught fire because it belongs near the exhaust system and I'm so angry now because I'm out of the money I can't get no more transmission work done I wanted to keep the car for the rest of its days it was so well-built I got so much good service I owned the car for 11 years and it's been wonderful it drives like it's brand-new now except for the transmission the parts I put on their fine how can I get Justice I'm so aggravated what day is mental midgets and now I understand what's going on all over the states what can you do about these guys if I can even call this organization that was so kind to put my review out I would like to get in touch with you and find out what really we can do for the people and me that money they took from the program $2,100 and some change they should have to give it back to this loan company and have to put another Transmission in my car.

Eat it eat the whole thing cuz it was their fault I told him what I wanted they didn't give it to me in my car is been giving me trouble I hope they go out of business I'mma put so much bad news all about those cats they won't be able to fathom think I don't think they got away with somethingI don't care if they go bankrupt they need to pay back every customer to they've wronged what can we do about it and I'm going to keep on putting out reviews all over the internet and in person do not trust these AAMCO Transmission guys especially in prospect Park and they're really foul to customer service write down the toilet to thumbs down!!!! Out of five stars I rate it zero no stars

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