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We took our vehicle to our local Aamco we trusted the name due to it being a franchise however now in my current situation we should have looked into the company a lot better. The company was very pushy about getting us in and doing a rebuild on the transmission however we wanted to also look at the option of buying a new transmission considering that a rebuild was $1,500 1100 of that being labor and a new transmission was about $1,800 and 400 on top of that for labor we had a diagnosis done and we're basically were harassed every day several times a day because they wanted us to bring the car in obviously because of the amount of cash they were going to make off of Labor we told them initially that the code coming up for the car was a solenoid replacement we spoke to both owners and also spoke to one of the head mechanics and I asked them if I were their daughter would they recommend doing the rebuild with 18000 miles or 18 month warranty and now I know of course the answer should have been get a new transmission or to get a even cheaper new used transmission.

we recieved our vehicle after having to rent a car two weeks over what we were told. The car was in worse shape now the electrical was not working and also 4th gear.

we took it back in the first time you couldn't read the gears Park, reverse, Drive,Etc they did something and that seemed to be fixed a couple days later 4th Gear didn't work we took it in they seemed to have fixed it. we got no paperwork however showing what was done to resolve that problem then a week later we had problems again and when we called we were told that the solenoid had not been put on the car so again we had to be without a vehicle to take it back down there and when they were supposed to order the part they were a week off from doing thatafter picking up the car this last time we were told that our warranty was voided because someone cut a wire that goes from the electrical honor Dash that tells us where it's in Drive Etc to the transmission us letting us know what the initial problem was when we pick the car up and why it wouldn't go from Park to reverse and drive excetera we are more than likely going to have to Sue this company for having to rent cars when we shouldn't have had to you for cutting wires and trying to say that someone before them did that and had that been the truth then they would have told us that when they did the original diagnosis on the car how are you going to void my warranty after I pay you over $2,000 and tell me it's because of something someone else did no one else has touched the transmission and before getting the transmission rebuilt we did not have this problem I'm very upset that I did not look better into the reviews since doing that I've realized that they have had other complaints for rebuilds and that people have had to actually tow their car to the corporate station and they were not reimbursed for the neglect and the bad labor that was done on the car so as of right now we're driving around in a car that still has to have things done to it and now I need some more done than it did when we initially took it to them and it's really funny how they didn't put the solenoids on it so they knew we would have to bring it back in to try and make it look like the car had other problems when it didn't the problem is that they cut the wires and our location does not fix wiring however they tried to send us to someone they know to get an estimate in the meantime we have to drive a car around knowing what they did is going to ruin the parts we just had installer,and then ruin the transmission that they rebuilt my husband and I are very upset and can't believe we went against our Instinct and trusted them to do a rebuild and now not only did they make 90% margins for labor the owner wouldn't even come out and show his face when we picked up the car this last time when we were told our warranty was voided so we will definitely be going to court

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Transmission Replacement.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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