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I have a friend who does repairs for my Honda Accord LX 2002 but apparently transmission repair is out of his league. March 6, 2020, I brought my car to AAMCO Hooper Avenue, Toms River, New Jersey and the first thing I asked was how much to rebuilt my transmission.

More or less had an idea how much it will cost because my uncle was a retired mechanic. My question was not addressed and instead the response was they have to look into it to find out what was the problem. Even though, I repeated many times that jerking is known to be one of the symptoms of transmission issues. Right there and there, I would like to find out so I can decide if their price is affordable or not.

If several thousands for the transmission then I would walk away and the next option for me was to buy a new car with all the safety gadgets. I find it impractical to spend several thousands for a 2002 Honda Accord even though it is a good car and well maintained.

To make the story short. Got a call the next day and 3 options were presented;

$ 5,500 remanufacture transmission with 3 year warranty

$ 4,500 rebuilt transmission

$ 3,900 certified exchange pre-owned

Dazed with the figure presented. If I decided to pull out my car I would pay $850 if I do so as fee for their diagnostic service.

Got no choice but to haggle for the least most expensive option.The General Manager put the certified exchange pre-owned from 3,900 to 3,500. The General Manager asked me what will make me happy and to keep me in their business. I haggled for $2,500 but we ended with $3,000. In addition, the General Manager even mentioned program about rebate.

Not a candidate for that program because I freeze my Social Security due to fraud. Nevertheless, he said that a $200 dollar rebate can be done to cover my tax plus $3,000 for the transmission. So we ended with this agreement.

The estimate sent to me was $3,129.00 so I called the attention of the General Manager that the agreed price was $3,000. Adjustment was done but the $200 mentioned to cover my tax was not given.

Since all your calls are recorded, would like to request AAMCO main office to review all the phone calls transpired between the General Manager, Luke H, and I.

It was clearly my understanding that a $200 dollar deduction to cover the taxes. All of a sudden the GM said it was for something else once the $129.00 was deducted. Phone calls were made from phone number 1 85* 872 ** ** March 7 from 10:08 to 12:08. For AAMCO main office, providing you estimate Q120499 for reference.

When you call a dentist to inquire how much it will cost for tooth extraction, cleaning, root canal, etc they are given in an up-front manner.

When I asked AAMCO how much it would cost for transmission rebuilt non was given. They knew from the start how much it cost (3 options) but that is how they do their business to keep you in a limbo and then present enormous charges at the end.

At the end, I was charged $1,186.80 for labor, $1,813.20 for parts, $100 for supplies and $205.38 for taxes. A total of $3,305.38 for a certified pre-owned transmission with a 12 month warranty.

Am writing this for others to have an idea how much the charges for the transmission and labor plus the shenanigans.

This way you clearly decide if to push through or buy a new car.

Another issue I have to face is how long the transmission will last. The warranty is only 12 months and if the issue of jerking occurred on the 13th month then goodbye to my investment of $3,305.38 for a certified pre-owned transmission.

Annaliza B

User's recommendation: If you know the issue with your car, ask for black and white estimate before proceeding.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

AAMCO Pros: Courteous employees.

AAMCO Cons: Slow delivery of service, Week to put a certified pre-owned transmission.

Location: 1770 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753

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