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Update by user Jun 29, 2011

I went to a different AAMCO in Fridley Minnesota and they tell me there’s a problem with my down shift on my truck and will need to take out my transmission on my truck to see what is wrong with it. I told them that it was fine and they told me that I should contact the shop where I got the transmission rebuilt at.

that they say at my original shop they refuse to say there is a problem. The shop owner in Fridley gave me a number to a shop in Maplewood. I call them and talked to the shop manager and he told me if there was a problem his shop would find it and repair it.

I brought my truck over there after 5 days ago, I have to call them for an update. They still have not gotten the transmission out. Then 2 days later they call me and tell me my clutch is bad and don\'t worry it won\'t cost you anything.

Then he begins to tell me my 4 wheel drive transfer case is bad and that would cost $900.00. So I told them I would think about it. I tried to call the AAMCO customer service line and they never pick up.

I got 1 phone call from them at the weirdest hours and they give me a number to call 800-523-0401 ext. 312. I call this number and no one picks up. I am tired of the run around this has taken up at least 20 hours of my own time and a lot of fuel.

I paid a lot of money for a transmission rebuild and it was never fixed since the day I got it back. If there are any lawyers or anyone that can help me please post below and let me know what my rights are. I really need to know what I can do legally.

Update by user Jun 16, 2011

This is what I got when I emailed Corporate Dear Mr.k We contacted the Anoka AAMCO franchise who acknowledges that your vehicle requires warranty repair which they are willing to complete. They have indicated that there is an unpaid balance remaining on the original repair bill.

You should be aware that the AAMCO warranty states that it is null and void if you fail to pay for the original repair. Please contact Anoka AAMCO at once at 763-421-5001 to arrange to reinstate your coverage.

AAMCO Customer Support.

I paid in full. and have a receipt to prove it that says paid in full.

Update by user Jun 16, 2011

Ok I get my transmission fixed in my Ford truck in 11/20/2010 the transmission never seemed to shift right since I got the truck back went and complained to them a few times and said the transmission need to break in. I let it break in and it still does not shift right.

Them a week ago my over drive light starts to flash and it will not upshift. They have not called me 1 time to tell me what’s going on. They say the temp gage in my transmission is broken and reading at 500 degrees. I call them to get an update and they tell me I need a new computer in my truck and do not tell me it will be $100 but don’t worry we will take care of the labor.

Now if I have to pay extra should they should have called me. am I right? Also they never call me to update me on what’s going on or even when the repair work is done.

This is also wrong am I right? For $2,500 worth of work you would think they would treat you better.

Update by user Jun 13, 2011

They also never call when my car is done being fixed I have to call all the time to figure out what\'s going on. Also the guy that works there always calls me buddy.

I am not your buddy. guy.

Original review posted by user Jun 13, 2011

I got my transmission rebuilt by AAMCO in Anoka Minnesota. 1 day after driving my truck after it was fixed it was not shifting right. I brought my truck to 3 other transmission shops and they said there was something wrong and to bring it back to where it was repaired. I brought it in and the guy at AAMCO said that the timing was off and that the transmission needed to break in. I broke in the transmission and it still does not work right. Everyone I have look at it laughs and says I got ripped off. Now my over drive light is flashing on my truck and it's not shifting out of second gear. Same problem I had when I brought it in there. I paid a lot of money to get my transmission fixed and it's not working I tell the guys at AAMCO and they seem to not care and rush me out the door please help me fix this problem. I also had the brakes and rotors fixed and they feel like they're slipping .
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I got my car recently repaired (transmission) at aamco in Dover, De. Ever since I have gotten my car back the battery does not hold a charge leaving me and my car stranded at the worst possible times.

I have taken my car back for repair at least three time and they tell me the battery is defective. How many batteries do you have to put in a car before you start checking other things??

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