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I brought my 2015 Nissan Sentra and for a transmission replacement I was quoted $3,996.00 total cost the manager said that he would beat the Dealer's price by 10% in order to get earn my service. I dropped my car off and also let Michael know that I had a vibration in the suspension plus I need an oil change could you take care of that he said yes.

Michael said the car should be done Monday or Tuesday. I called on Monday he said that the transmission should be here on Wednesday or Thursday the latest I said okay. I was kind of irritated because I was stuck in the rent a car for 6 days that I can't afford. I thought everything was going okay the price is going to stay the same when I call to find out if the car was done he said yeah I asked him what the deal was he said was $5,242.19.

With no explanation why it was that much. I asked why and he says that's what we charge. I understand the reprogramming fee for the CVT transmission also the $149 for the fluid. When the price jumps up that much the responsible thing to do is to call the customer to let them know.

There was no phone call ever made from Michael or any of the mechanics at the shop. To let me know the cost was going to be hire then expected. I was severely dumbfounded of the price of a CVT transmission replacement. From what I was initially quoted.

Plus he did not even call me about the new rear lower torque strut mount. I did not give authorization to have that replaced at all. Even if it did I should have had a courtesy call to let me know what was going on with the car. No phone call was ever made.

When it came to pick up the car I asked Michael how come I was never notified about the price increase he didn't even answer me he just says that's what we're charging. I was so angry I didn't even say anything to Michael because I felt traps in doing the service that way he can feel he can charge anything he wants because the transmission was out of the car and then I would have to replace it to put it back if I didn't want the transmission so I feel it trapped into. He didn't even notify me about any problems with the inspection. Nor did he do the oil change.

He was just more concerned about getting the transmission in to make the big money to meet his quota for the month. Not customer satisfaction. I had the car for about 6 days kept noticing the same constant vibration vibration. Between 60 and 75 miles an hour on the freeway.

I had my fiance call and make an appointment. To take the car in find out what the vibration was. Approximately 40 minutes later after she's been there I got a call from the mechanic stating that he only took the car 35-40 miles an hour . Was extremely rude to me over the phone he has apparently has zero customer service experience.

He said he felt nothing and basically just gave the car back to her after I got off the phone with him. During our conversation with mechanic he said the transmission needed a 4000 mile break in process for a CVT transmission. I called 5 dealers three other transmission places. Also 6 other Aamco transmission shops across the U.S Austin,TX Seattle.

WA. Las Vegas, Nevada. State College PA. Oaklahoma,OK Los Angeles, CA.

If all these mechanics and service managers are all saying the same thing against the 4000 mile break in process. That there's no such thing. Would you feel like you were lied to after all that and taking advantage of.

I might have been okay with it if I wasn't lied to so many times or taking advantage of. Not all customers that attend Aamco shops are uninformed and not knowledgeable about the situation before they go in to any mechanic shop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Transmission Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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