took my truck in to have transmissions leaks fixed and serviced...knew it was time for service and knew dip stick gasket needed replaced...had parts for that work...told them trani leaks and please fix....they told me 2 hours....6 hours later I'm calling them demanding my truck to be told a little while longer....went to friends house to find out i was over charged....had to return for money they charged me to use my own parts...got truck all the way home (147 miles later) to see that trani is leaking worse then before, but too much snow on the ground for me to crawl under.....took truck to a different aamaco to be told I have to take it to the one that did the repairs....took it back to wait over an hour just to be looked at, even tho the mechanics were quick the man at the counter couldn't do his job!!! was told the dip stick tub is now broke and needs replaced....even tho it wasn't broke before they replaced the gasket....was also told there is another leak in the gear box....was told they will replace the dip stick at my expense, but no labor on that part, but is trying to make me pay for the labor again to fix the leaks they did not fix the first time it was taken in, that cost me too much due to the fact they have to drop the trani, and cross member to fix anything, and now wants me to pay that fee again!

he tried to say that the trani must have been too dirty to see the problem the first time, and denies breaking the dip stick tub, but yet my paper work states they checked everything and nothing else was wrong....and customer service is only giving me excuse after excuse, and yelling at me!!! they owe me more then just my money back! NEVER EVER USE AAMACO!


Monetary Loss: $400.

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