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I took car to Aamco when car transmission went out. Was told one price as the WORST case but then after car was torn apart they stated higher price than what was stated their worst case scenario in discussion prior to dismantling my Trans.

1 week later after Aamco installed a Brand New $3,420.00 Trnsm I called to inform Aamco that the car would not go in gear right away. I was told by employee to drive it any way and that it takes time to work out the bugs. The issue never went away. I called to schedule two appt times and was told one time they were understaffed to wait a week and call back then again could not fit in.

I travel a lot w my car and I am not home often so scheduling was an issue. I finally brought car in today and it has not been a year but my warranty I was told is void because of milage. I am 8k over warranty and I was told that they would not honor the repair after it was repeatedly brought to their attention. I bought the new transmission in Nov 2014 and it is now June 2015 not even 7 month old and they do not want anything to do with it!!!!!!They were not interested at all in helping me in any way.

But that is not the biggest problem. It was how the owner of the business talked to me. HIS NAME IS MIKE COTTON. He proceeded to belittle me and talk down to me asking if I knew how to read a contract and what I did for a living and went further to ask what my boyfriend did for a living and how come we could not understand plan english and the contract and asked if I knew how to read and that the car was out of warranty and that was all he cared about even after I was instructed to drive the car after notifying them it was not going in to gear.

Mike Cotton is a bully and talked to me like I was ***. I believe Mike Cotton treated me this way because I am a female and I do believe if I had a man with me he would have not verbally abused me in the manor he did. This is the first letter I have ever written like this in my life about a business and I will share this experience with everyone I know and I would stongly suggest you do not let this place work on your car. They are only interested in getting your money and ending the relationship with their customer the min you walk out the door.

This is the worst I have ever been treated in my life by a business let alone another person. Mike Cotton should be ashamed of how he talks to customers. Even his own employee was looking at his feet when he was verbally braiding me because I do believe his worker had a moral compass and fully knew how badly he was behaving. I have never been talked to in such an ugly manor by anyone.

I cannot believe that a national company with a name like Aamco would want Mike Cotton representing their companies Brand.

I am going to proceed to contact Aamco corp to see if I can get some help. My friends have been to Aamco in Raleigh and said it was a positive experience so I do not think it is a corp issue as much an isolated issue with this franchise owner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3420.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aamco Cons: Manager and owner, Level of professionalism, Treated in an ugly manor by owner, Never fixed car, Sold me faulty transmission.

  • bad warranty policy
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