Hagerstown, Maryland
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I took my husband's car in to fix a problem with the left axle. After it had been there for 2 days, I was told they could not get the part needed until next week.

I told them to just give it back and I would take it somewhere else. When I entered the car, I found the detachable faceplate of my husbands radio thrown on the passenger seat. It will not go back on. I complained and they called back later and informed me that this is how I gave them the car.

I NEVER take the detachable face off my husbands radio and I certainly didn't break it---something is busted because it will not stay attached anymore. I drove it straight to the dealer, the put it on a lift and showed me exactly where AAMCO did not put the axle back together properly and if I had driven much further I imagine my daughter and myself could have been hurt. They deny everything. When I tell them they didn't put it together properly they say they never took it apart-I tell them that if they never took it apart then they couldn't have possibly answered the questions I had been asking when they called to tell me what needed repaired.

At least I got my car out of there before they actually did any repair work. I will be filing a complaint with BBB and I will tell everyone I meet for the next ten years.

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That is too bad, as I received great service from them. My 1998 Chevy truck runs better now then when it came from the factory - the transmission was rebuilt in two days and the price was cheaper than the dealership.

The only downfall was that their warranty was less than the dealer by one year and 80,000 miles. I was treated well.


I had my axle replace at aamco hagerstown on my 2000 honda accord it works great why would aamco touch your radio trim if there checking your axle?????????????may be it fell out.

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