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Took my car to Aamco because it had the check engine light on, and sometimes it didn't start. Per their website advertising, the service is FREE.

Dropped it of on a Monday morning. 3 days passed and no call from the shop. I called to follow up and was told my car was acting up and they were unable to communicate with the computer. A week passed, called again and same thing.

2 more days passed and still no answers. I was under the impression that they weren't able to scan for codes because I was never given any details. After 2 weeks and went to the shop to pick the car up. I was charged $125 for a diagnostic that I never agreed too.

I was upset and confused but paid so I didn't have issues getting my car back. I was told that it was a "possible" ECU problem. When I saw the invoice, I noticed that they did in fact scan an pulled codes from the OBD, but I was never told. The whole purpose of me taking my car was for the shop to scan for codes and hopefully figure out if that was causing my car not start.

Instead they took it upon themselves to diagnose it and charge me. Even after 2 weeks of "diagnosing" it, they couldn't figure out the problem. Well, I took the car home, researched the codes THEY PULLED, went to the local Hyundai dealership, purchased a sensor, repalaced MYSELF (a female with no mechanic experience) and problem solved!! My car is starting up with zero hesitation.

Because of this experience, I am planning on doing as many repairs as I can on my own. It's sad that businesses like Aamco has to be so dishonest and do whatever they can to make a buck. I've called Aamco customer relations to attempt to get my money back but they didn't do much. It's expected that they would take their side.

When they called the shop manager (although a nice man with good customer service) was quick to say NO to a full refund. According to him, he advised me of the diagnostic fee. It's his word aagainst mine.

I am still trying to find the franchise owner's contact information and I plan on disputing the charge on my credit card. This has to stop, this greedy company needs to be shut down or at best be exposed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Diagnostics.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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We need to file a case action against corporate and owners. For sabotaged, over charges this is not fair. I am walking over a month now charged

1795.16 only to take back to thr shop to be charged 1600.00 now a blown engine


GermaineLynnette Blades

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