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I took my jeep there to get the AC unit tested/repaired told them also that there was an issue with the car not going into gear properly. Please check.

They said it would be fixed that day. Called at end of day said no part came in had to keep it was torn apart that was a friday so they couldn't have it back to me until MONDAY. Monday no call then finally they said they would call me back I had to call them again and they said ac is fixed but it won't go in gear now. I went up there and they said 1000.00 for ac but can't drive it.

needs new transmission. They are a transmission place and didn't check everything per their motto? I was taken advantage of I told them that needed checked but no they fixed the ac first and charged me. I should have had the option to have that fixed or the more necessary transmission fixed.

Now i am still without a car BUT i have AC. They were rude and took advantage of a woman. I had it towed out of their place after telling them exactly what I thought of them. Do not take your car there they will rip you off.

I feel they disabled my jeep's tranmission after fixing my air to make more money off me!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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