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I went to this AAMCO service center to fix a problem caused from a transmission rebuild from a different aamco in Georgia and for a check engine light issue. I was told the wrong part was put inside which was causing the shfiting problems and the parking brake not holding (first service center in Georgia put my transmission together incorrectly).

The service center manager informed me my car would be ready a few days later. I went there and he said it wasn't ready and to come back tomorrow. I called and he said it still wasn't ready. Finally ready the next day but check engine light was still on and they "forgot" to do the oil change.

So I drove right back into the garage and told them. I was told it was a bad part that got put in so they just need to get a replacement. Went back the next day (4th time now) and picked up the car, check engine light wasn't on...until I drove down the street. I was so mad I never went back.

I called up customer service and they were so RUDE and unhelpful.

The service center denied all of these problems since they didn't keep track of all my visits I couldn't prove anything. Never going back to AAMCO again and I am telling everyone I know.

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I am deeply concerned to hear of your dissatisfaction. In fact, I have become the new owner of this AAMCO center within the last 30 days.

I fully recognize the value of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, the actions of the previous owner as you describe them reflect poorly on the automotive repair industry and for that, I apologize. It is my intention to be judged based on my actions and not the actions of another.

I hope you will give me an opportunity to make you a fan of my business. Please call me directly at (973-993-9777 - Vince

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