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Tried to bs me | Aamco review from Newark, New Jersey

i have taken my jeep cherokee to aamco for a noise in my transmission.I was told that the noise was coming from my rear drive shaft the rear universal joint was going bad so i have taken the truck to my mechanic he said that the universal joint is ok !! So he investigated the noise which turned out to be loose bolts on my converter so he tightened them up and the noise is gone,if a transmission place dont know what to look for what can consumers do ?? DONT GO TO AAMCO !!!THEY SUCK the aamco was in point pleasant nj on bridge ave so stay away
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Sounds like a standard form letter, even a rookie should be able to tell whether a U-Joint is bad or not. Standing by an erroneous diagnosis, that is proven incorrect by a (presumably) more qualified technician is just more bloviating, i have years in transmission shops, and as my name implies i am ASE master certified, with A9 L1 and L2 certifications.

loose torque converter bolts would be noticeable with the vehicle in park. U Joints would only be noticeable when in gear and drive shaft moving. you need new QUALIFIED techs, as the 2 diagnosis take completely different test sets.

Having worked for many AAMCO shops i am quite familiar with the checklist front and back. and the reality is most dont bother following it, mainly because an EDS takes an hour (done properly) and its all about banging the customr for as much as possible, as quickly as you can herd them in.


As the owner of the AAMCO Car Care in Pt Pleasant, NJ I am disappointed in your dissatisfaction over our recommendation, specifically the cause of a noise/vibration. These symptoms many times can be difficult to pinpoint especially when the vehicle has had major modifications for non-standard heavy duty off road use as is the case for this vehicle.

Furthermore the fact that the noise you refer to was intermittent made the diagnostic even more complicated. None the less, our Multi-Point Inspection confirmed multiple noises and vibrations including an obviously bad rear universal joint. A badly worn universal joint can cause a dangerous driving condition. Therefore we recommended this issue be resolved before any other work is performed.

Since your response was that you would perform that repair yourself, we released the vehicle with NO charges due or paid.

I am pleased to hear that whatever steps you 've taken seem to have solved all or part of the problem, however we stand by our original diagnosis. I'd look forward to discussing the matter directly at your convenience.

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Aamco has no respect for customers

My 1999 Neon was driving forward but not in reverse. Went to Aamco in Metuchen,NJ. They road tested the car and told me they needed to remove the trans. to diagnose the problem. Cost $295. I stated that I did not want to spend too much money. They led me to believe it could be repaired at little cost. They called and said I needed a new trans. Cost $900-$1500. They did not tell me exactly what was wrong, just that I needed a new one. I decided not to replace the trans. I was told "by the way" it may not run when they put it back in? It was like an egg, once you crack it you cannot put it back. I could not believe what I was being told. It took them 5 days to put back my transmission. I was told it was drivable. After I drove 2 blocks the car was making a loud grinding sound. The car was sluggish but I made it home. I checked the trans dipstick it was dry. No signs of a leak under the car. I called back Aamco and was told that my trans was probably leaking. They are not responsible. I only wish I found this website before going to Aamco.
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Joseph C

This is a follow up on my complaint.

On Saturday 6/26/2010 I received a call from Mike at Aamco about my complaint letter. He apologized for the situation that arose with my transmission service. He said that his shop would never intentionally do anything unfavorable with service or customers. He said that at the time I called to complain about no transmission fluid, he was away. He was not properly notified of the issue.

I explained my frustration with how I was being treated. I feel that I was not given enough information to make an important decision to remove the transmission for further testing. The lack of response to my complaint also added to my frustration.

Mike told me that he did not want an unhappy customer. In the spirit of customer service he would refund the full amount I paid for the diagnostic test. I feel that this is a amicable solution for this situation.

Although the situation was unfortunate, I am satisfied with the outcome.


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