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I took my Honda Accord to this shop because Check Engine Light was on. This shop read the trouble code and said one of the switch was choked. I to the car to this shop for repairs, i was given the car without any repairs and charged me $468. The next day the check engine light came back on. I took the car back to him and asked for the refund my money back because the car felt like not even touched, he started yelling at me that i am calling him a layer. He did not refund the money
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I checked our logs for aound this date in our computer. I do not see that we serviced a Honda Accord on or around that date.

As there is no additional information such as customers name,year of the Honda, what code was present and so forth. (I do not know what the customer means by "one of the switch was choked.") It is our policy to fix every car at a fair price.

We offer guatantees on all of our work. I can assure you that "he" did not "start yelling at me and caling him a 'liar'" While this review is rather old, I do invite the customer to contact us to see if we can be of any assistance.

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Ammco Transmission Centereach NY | Aamco review from Hicksville, New York

I brought my car in for a leaky transmission and then they called me and told me that the Check Engine light was on and they needed an addition $600. Funny, it was not on before I brought it to them. When I went to pick my car up it was hesitation when I changed gears and my radio no longer worked. I called the corporate office and they told me that I had to bring it back to the same location. Hesitated, but brought it back and they stated that there was oil in my antifreeze, my transmission sensor needed to be replaced, the car could not go over 35mph and the car was over heating. They basically are rip off artists and have no idea what they are doing. long story short I have to buy a new car and their corporate office SUCKS when it comes to helping customers.
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AAMCO Transmissions, 1264 State Rt 23, Butler, NJ

Went in and explained that there was an issue that I was feeling and hearing with my transmission. Took them only a day or so to determine that it was the transmission bearings and quoted me $1400. I asked them to quote me on the cost of a new transmission, which after about 2 days they advised was about $2300. I gave them the go ahead for a new transmission and in total it had taken them just over 3 weeks to complete the job. 3 weeks!? Imagine not having your car for 3 weeks and on top of that they had only called me once during the entire process. Each time I had to stop in to ask what was going on. Only at the tail end did they call to advise that the parts were to arrive, then another call that they had arrived and that they should have it done in the next day or so. Call around and compare and get it in writing first before dropping it off here.
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Rt 23 AAmaco in Butler screwed me good today... I brought my Truck to them..

I had a minor slip from 1st to 2nd... I signed in filled out some paperwork and was told to sit... The Mechanic walked into the waiting room and said the truck is not moving. I said ***....

I just drove it here... The mechanic to me in my truck for a test ride... I said it runs with a minor slip from 1st to 2nd. We pulled into a parking lot....

The mechanic put the truck in park and began revving the motor and shift from park to drive to neutral to reverse.... I said what the *** are you doing... He said a trans test... ***...

You never floor the petal and shift gears the terrible for the trans... We were driving back to the garage and I saw his foot on the brake as he was driving.... He cooked my trans deliberately... Left my truck disabled on Booton ave...

I was pissed.... The mechanic got out and pretty much knew he was busted.... I then Walked to the garage and said you cooked my

trans... The manager then said my trans was bad before I came in....

I explained the slip was minor and you abused my trans deliberately....

My best advice to anyone who will listen is.....

Stay away from AAmaco in Butler on rt 23... They are cooks.....

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