Issue with honoring contract coupon | Aamco review from New York, New York

Issue with honoring contract coupon - Aamco review
The owner did not believe the flyer was real. He excluded exhaust and tires work. He was not going to honor the coupon.
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Reason of review
Problems with payment

Transmission Replacement Review

Had transfer case replaced and will not go into 4 wheel drive they say not part of warranty
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Reason of review
Warranty issue

AAMCO Rockville, MD

I went to the AAMCO at 818 Rockville Pike, Rockville Maryland with a car overheating. I said I believe the water pump needs replacing. When I arrived to pick up my car the next day, they stated that they had replaced the pump but had found a leak in coolant reservoir. I asked to see the pump which appeared to be fine. They had my contact number and email and failed to contact me. I paid $350.00 for a repair that was not needed. They stated that they only did what I asked. I am contacting the Maryland Attorney General's office.
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Aamco in Bayside NY Rip-off Artists!

Took my car to Aamco thinking a mainstream company would help me. Turns out, they are absolute thieves! They took the transmission out of my car and left the car on the lift for 9 days! They did nothing but take out the part then put it right back in, but held the car hoping to *** me into using their services. They quoted me a price of over $4,000.00. Luckily I shopped around, though I still got hit with a $430.00 estimate fee! Found a transmission specialist who put in transmission & new clutch-kit. That plus all labor came out to $1,300.00. If you're reading this and need help deciding on where to go because you don't know how to deal with your transmission problem, do yourself a favor. Contact Sambucci brothers or George at Precision of Woodside. Also Petrillos Auto in New Haven Ct. for parts. Don't be conned into using the mainstream shysters at Aamco. You have other options. I learned the hard way. I hope this helps you.
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I had transmission problems and just knew that it either had to be replaced or rebuilt. I shopped around for an estimate and AAMCO - Bayside were the only ones that would not give me one.

they said they had to inspect the car (5 point inspection or something like that).. I just wanted to know how much it would run me.. I was preparing myself to spend about $1,500.00/$2,000.00 on it but wanted to know there "worst case scenario" just to prepare myself... they wouldn't even give me a guestimate.

I gave in and let them tow my car. next day, they called me back... my car just needed some oil and gaskets. apparently, it was just leaking.

the real cost was the tow truck. so I see it like this... if they are really thieves, they could have charged me the $2,000.00 and I would have been clueless.

the total was less then $200.00.. $95 was the tow and the rest for servicing my transmission.


Follow-up for anonymous... You must work for aamco, because you've taken the same care in reading my post as aamco did in fixing my car.

The Sambucchi Brothers simply helped educate me on how to use web sites and smaller companies to fix my car professionally and for a fare price. They didn't sell me a transmission, just showed me the way. It's now six months after my saga.

I've driven almost 3,000 miles in that time and my "junk transmission" is in perfect working order. It also still has another six months left on the warranty...something aamco wouldn't have offered even with their rip-off rates.


Mainstream company??!! What the ____ were you thinking?

Big-name auto shops have been ripping off the public for decades. And Aamco is one of the very worst. But at least you had the sense to get out before they really nailed you. Aamco was once being investigated by 18 states at the same time for fraud.

Now that's hard to do but Scamco managed it. These big chains have a long history of undercover busts and big fines for their scamming and massive incompetence.

Take it as: live and learn. Now you know.


sambucchi bros is a junk yard. you got a used junk transmission.

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AAMCO sucks

I took my car in 4 1/2 years ago because my transmission went on me. I lived in Jacksonville at that time, they charged me 3500.00 to rebuild my transmission. I had to take it back twice before they finally got it right. I then moved to Tampa and I thought my tranny was leaking it was still under warranty and I had such a hard time finding a AAMCO that would look at it they did but cleaned up the tranny and said it wasn't leaking. Now I noticed that it was leaking so I took it to a garage to have it looked at. They tell me that AAMCO used cheap gaskets on my tranny and it has to be replaced. For 3500.00 they use cheap gaskets which you will have to have replaced at a later time. Rip offs.
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ok lets put this in perspective,first off to I AM AUTO TECH, gaskets are NOT the same, some are permanent steel clad gaskets, some are rubber some are cork, Fel Pro being one of the better brands available over the counter at most parts stores. from one to another manufacturer dimensional accuracy and stability varies.Second, i have worked for AAMCO chain shops, and the reality is they cut corners to increase the bottom line, its just business, why spend 2$ more per part?

multiply that times 10,000 parts in a year, and you see the reasoning for buying cheaper parts.i don't advocate this, as quality parts make a better repair. however, its not about the customer at most shops, its about money. most shop owners have never turned a wrench in their life. and as far as blaming other shops, yeah everyone does it, and as far as making mistakes, most if not all can be avoided by hiring PROPERLY TRAINED, QUALIFIED PERSONNEL, shops hire ill qualified "techs" because they are cheaper, dealing with the come backs is cheaper than paying a qualified tech in the first place.

that's why these shops have a bad reputation.

they deserve it. "I AM A TECH", i would be interested to know just what your qualifications are with your line of excuses for poor workmanship.


All gaskets are the same from one maker to the next people are human and so are mechanic U HAVE NEVER MADE A MISTAKE just like u mechanic make mistakes it was probably something simple like the pan bolts needed to be tighten but i am sure the second shop u took it to never told u to bring it back to AAMCO because it was an easy fix and they stole the glory so u would go to them for ur repairs and make money off u who really is the crook AAMCO shop or the one who lied to u.

Dave G

A Pan Gasket for the transmission costs about $4-5. So according to this other shop you took it to, the original shop tried to save $1-2 by buying a cheap gasket on a $3500 transmission repair? Keep in mind, other shops LOVE to blame the original shop, especially chains, and make them look bad while making themselves look like the all powerful.

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I went to this AAMCO service center to fix a problem caused from a transmission rebuild from a different aamco in Georgia and for a check engine light issue. I was told the wrong part was put inside which was causing the shfiting problems and the parking brake not...
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I am deeply concerned to hear of your dissatisfaction. In fact, I have become the new owner of this AAMCO center within the last 30 days.

I fully recognize the value of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, the actions of the previous owner as you describe them reflect poorly on the automotive repair industry and for that, I apologize. It is my intention to be judged based on my actions and not the actions of another.

I hope you will give me an opportunity to make you a fan of my business. Please call me directly at (973-993-9777 - Vince

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AAMCO IN CHAMPAIGN ILL, - Doesn't pay their bills

Consumers aren't the only ones being scammed. I am a vendor for AAMCO Transmissions and the Champaign, ILL franchise is run by Ryan Weldon. He purchased products from me and didn't pay for them. He continually makes excuses for the" check in the mail" quote, and yet it has been over a month. He feels that it isn't major money, and therefore feels he can pay it when it pleases him. If he treats his vendors this way, how does he treat his customers. Just a note- this particular franchise is up for sale. Is that shocking?
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Ruined my vacation | Aamco review from New York, New York

Stay away from this place... They told me it would take two days for my transmission to be replaced and it took them a week and a half. They lied and cheated my family and refused to take care of the problem in the time they said. They cost me an enormous amount of money by having my car repaired in time, I had to rent a car for the family vacation for two weeks because they didn't have my car in time. Please stay away... There are many other places to have your car fixed in Queens, find someone else....
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STAY AWAY from AAMCO transmission 79-14 queens blvd elmhurst ny i called for a price on a transmission power flush and filter dave asked what kind of car i told him 2005 mercury grand marquis marquis he told me 130.00 gave me a appointment the next day i went there...
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