Orlando, Florida

These are the guys that give auto mechanics a bad name! I Can't say enough bad things about this place.

My car broke down unfortunately near this Aamco Auto Repair station on Lee Road and I was forced to push my car into their parking lot one evening. The next morning i called to have them check it out and they wouldn't take a card over the phone. I had to come in and pay $104 cash in order for them to even look at it. After the $104 diagnosis, they said it needed a distributor, new wires and plugs for the low, low price of $650+.

Mind you, the car is a 1994 and probably isn't worth that much and when i said that, the guy said, "Well, that's just the way it is sometimes. They said the parts were $400+ so i thought i'd bring in the parts which cost me less that $100, but they said they wouldn't put them on. So i said fine, give me my keys and he said i owned another $6.00+ for tax.

Now i flipped on him and said that there's no way that my car needed a new distributor, a new distributor cap, a new rotor, new wires, and new plugs. Now for you non car people, all of these definitely do not need to be replaced together.

Only one of them would be the problem. so after leaving in a screaming match with the guy, i came back, ran some tests myself and found some oil in the distributor.

simple fix, Dry rag to wipe clean, replace $5.00 rubber o-ring and off i went.

What *** They new this and just were jacking me for everything they could think of related to non starting issues.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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