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I informed the service manager i just wanted to service my transmission and the car was only worth 500 dollars and just change the fluid filter and gasket for the trans. I stopped by on Saturday and they were unable to do it till Monday if I would leave the car.

I came in at 7:30 am and dropped it off for the day to have the simple service done. It was 5 pm they called and informed me the transmission pan had metal in it. I again informed him the car was old and I would not doing anything other than the simple fluid and filter change and to wrap it back up. The car is a 4 cylinder 1.8 liter engine and very small.

He informed me at 5 pm that he would need to order the filter and would attempt getting it and finishing the job. It was there since 7:30 am that morning and they still hadn't ordered the filter for the car knowing it was being changed. No problem, just finish the car and I will pick up in the early afternoon. I went to pick up the car and the person at the desk informed me again about how there was metal in the pan when the service was done.

I told them again the car was cheap and I will drive it untill it is done and sell it for scrap. I asked if a drive test was done to the car after the service and if I would need to top off the fluid in the car. He said he didn't think they did a drive test but the fluid will be good to go. I drove to work with many slipping and other trans issues going on.

I checked the fluid and it was bone dry. I put 1 quart of Tran fluid and checked and it was still not registering. i put another quart of fluid and still no register on the dip stick. It took 3 full quarts of fluid to get to the right level for my car.

I am in shock that they didn't even put fluid in the car. The car is fine and driving great as it did when I took it in for the service but if I hadn't checked the fluid it would have seized up and been totaled quickly. I am still amazed that they didn't put fluid in the vehicle. When he handed me the receipt for the service he also informed me that it would be a coupon for the total of the service(180) if I needed to do any repairs.

I told him again at that point that i would be driving the car till it no longer drove because it was so old and only worth 500 dollars. I am sure it was a mistake that they didn't put fluid in it but then again maybe it was on purpose to get more work. I will never do business with them again and will tell everyone I meet about the service they performed for me. It took three full quarts of Tran fluid to fill it up to where it finally registered.

Luckily the car is old and didn't seize up. It was able to take the abuse they caused for me and after I filled the fluid back to the correct level actually drove as well as before giving it to the to service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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HELLOOO......i have a big problem over in beaverton aloha Oregon. Aamco....!

I have a car with 110000.

Miles on it my car is worth 4500.oo

And they did a transmission rebuilt it cost me 6000.oo

With a guarantee of 50.000 miles.(good)

A year later a year transmission stared acting up.

Took it to aamco for repair. And took them 3 weeks to figure it get a new transmission. They have my car for the next week cuz they think is something else. Over all that...they don't have rental cars for a costumers which it totally SUCKS.....

my *** is struggling to get to work.

-So far i won't like the service. Eamail me (

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