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Worst customer service experience ever at the Amcoo Transmition in Omaha Nebraska off 60th and L St. I first took my car in to get fixed on January 10th 2021 to get a Transmition put in.

Paid over $3000 was going to get the reminder what was need to be fixed in the next week or so When I have additional funds to do so. I got my car back in by January 21 you're still acting up like nothing has been fixed I contacted Jay (the agent that works the front counter on the 21st. Jay said he was busy and would contact me the next day with prices. The next day came and went with no contact.

I waited until January 23rd (again no contact from the 21st) to see AGAIN what it would cost to fix the solenoids! Yet again no response! Reached out again on January 24th. To my shock I finally get a response say he was in Chicago and will get me prices when he comes back on Monday!

Yet again no response and another 5 days go by.

I reach out again to Jay on January 29th. Now jay is Conveniently in the hospital and yet again told he will get me prices. (Again I had already paid the money to have my car looked at ontop over the $3000 plus dollars for the previous work. I had no updates so on February 4th again reached out to jay no response.

Reached out again later that day. To my shock I got a response saying he is waiting on prices ( really weeks later ?) and he will call me. February 5 and 6 NO CAll back. Reached out again on the 7th NO call back.

Reached out again on February 10th. No response back reached out again on February 12th finally get a response saying I need to bring my car in so you can see what solenoid it is. When for weeks Jay has been saying he is waiting on prices finally got my car in (almost a month later of being dismissed from Jay) and was told it's going to be another $1,300 that they need to order the parts and can get it in the shop on Monday February 24th. I said.

Are you able to do it all in one day. I work 6am to 3pm and then run straight to work to pick up my kid from school. I was told no problem it takes 4 hours to work on it they will pick up my car from work and bring it back in plenty of time. Not only am I a single mom taking

Care of my son alone I have a father battling cancer that I take to his radiation appointments he has daily in the evening since they are open till 7pm jay told me to call him on my lunch which is between 1 and 2.

Remind you I get off at 3pm. When I call I'm told my car didn't get picked up till 11am and they didn't get back till 1pm to get looked at so I won't have my car when I get off work. Which means I have no way to get my child from school. I was told my car would be done before 5 pm to come on down.

So I had to scramble to find a Uber since I was getting of work in an hour and the had to ubber to get my kid and go home also. I find a ride to go pick up my car at 5 pm like I was told. Get a txt at 4:48pm (while my ride is pulling into Amcoo parking lot) jay said my car still wasn't done and they just realized 20 minutes ago they had the wrong parts. So yet again I'm having to take an Uber with my dad to get him to his treatments.

Then I will have to Uber to work, after work to get my kid then Uber to get my car. If it's actually fixed this time and I get it back. I would never Recommend this place not even to my worst enemy. Jay It's completely , condescending lies, and goes back on what he said saying he never did that.

That's why I have every Text message I could because I don't do business with him over the phone because he tries to pull fast ones on people.

Stay away from this shady business I want my Complaint given to CEO: Brett Ponton

CFO: John R. Erickson

COO: Robert Rajkowski

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

AAMCO Pros: Mechanic who did the work.

AAMCO Cons: Store manager jay, Not knowledgable false advertising not owning their mistakes, Bad experience issue not resolved, Manager does a poor job of running shop.

Location: 6061 L St, Omaha, NE 68117

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183**** Thanks Jay! You do realize accidents happen.

That’s still not gonna stop me from reaching out to anybody and everybody i know and I still have all our messages between each other. That have all been posted online


I'm not surprised that you're baffled by such business ; you can't even spell the name of the subject correctly : t-r-a-n-s-m-i-s-s-i-o-n.

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