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Got my truck back from Aamco and it was backfiring a lot. Then I come to find out they never looked at the issue I asked them to look at while the engine was apart....

so I had to bring it in for them to fix what they were supposed to originally.to condense this I am going to just say that 10 times I had to bring my truck back and they couldn’t fix it. They kept screwing up more things than they fixed. I was told that my mechanic was not qualified to do what he was doing and finally he was fired.... which I don’t really care about except if u know he isn’t qualified why is he there working on my truck?

what I care about is this....My alternator bracket was missing and left off my truck. A 5x9 inch hole cut in my bottom dash to access heater core instead of removing dash like you’re supposed to. My o2 sensor was being forced on to work because they got the wrong one and I went ballistic.... get the right part to fix it.

He screwed up my new cap and rotor so they said they would get me another new one.... I asked for high performance spark plugs and they installed champions that are $1.99 each but they also installed high performance spark plug wires ..... if they were new they would have been great.... they were retreads and so was the “new”cap and rotor they put on....

My power door locks didn’t work when I got the truck back and there was nothing wrong with them before.... they “fixed” them but now one lock opens the opposite way of the other lock... because they said it kept blowing a fuse the other way.... if it worked before then make it work how it was....my windshield washer fluid was full when I brought it in and it was bone dry when I got it back and my engine was dirtier than when I brought it in....

my air intake was missing the parts to attach it properly and I mentioned all this stuff and they promised to replace the dash and after a month I got nothing....I opened up my distributor to see that my rotor was so old and used it could hardly run.... they didn’t even bother to hide it by cleaning it up Before they installed it. The other missing pieces were not taken care of.... spark plug wires were not routes at all and my separators were missing.

was clearly oil in my coolant. I picked it up once and none of the hose clamps had been tightened and Ot leaked coolant on my customers driveway and I had to spend 2 hrs cleaning it up and they didn’t offer an apology. Once they had me pick up my truck and within a mile my master cylinder, which I hadn’t had a problem with, went out, my brakes went out as I was coming to a busy intersection and I missed a big accident by mere inches..... I can’t make this stuff up if o tried and have proof of everything.....

He offered to rebuild my engine.... if they couldn’t fix this stuff what kind of moron did he take me for? I demanded a refund and they finally said ok.... but then he said he did this so I shouldn’t say anything about the missing parts....

huh??? These parts were part of my truck and had nothing to do with your terrible work o got refunded. I owe me these parts because I still had to take my truck elsewhere to get fixed.... which it was done in one day....

they said whoever worked on the truck should never touch anything bigger than tonka toy truck ever again.... they were so mad they wanted to call Aamco to tell them what a terrible job they did....

Now I want my missing parts and i am attaching the old parts they put on my truck.... I hadn’t even driven it 500 miles on these pics.... had I not been smart enough to check my cap and rotor I wouldn’t have caught this ......

Also after they had been paid the first time when it was supposedly done each time I brought it back they made me wait days at a token because they were doing jobs that made them money that day instead of taking care of someone who had paid them thousands of dollars ....

that is so unprofessional. Even when I made an appointment they did this to me.

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