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Update by user Aug 12, 2011

The Manager called this morning and apologized for not calling back and keeping me in the dark about the pick-up time. He sent out one of the mechanics to pick me up, but the mechanic went to the wrong address. I had to go outside and look for the vehicle and flag him down because he was at the wrong condo complex. Brian apologized again for this and for the earlier incident when I got to the shop. He was very thorough about explaining the work that was done to the vehicle as well as the 12 month warranty. He was nice enough to include a promo discount and offered a free oil change for the inconvenience. Overall the experience was good except for the waiting for call about the pickup inconvenience.

Feeling a bit better about the service.

Hopefully I don\'t have to get any more work done to the SUV, but If I have to may go there again.

Original review posted by user Aug 11, 2011

Here is my experience with Aamco Lighthouse Point Florida to get my clutch replaced. I brought my Ford Explorer first thing in the morning. Brian, the Manager at started off fine. He was curteous and gave me an estimate of having the work done by the end of the day. He had one of the repairmen drive me home locally. Brian called me later that afternoon to readjust the original quote, (you guessed it higher). Close to the end of the day he called again to say he would need the car overnight to finish the work in the morning and would have one of the mechanics pick me up at 10AM in the morning. I waited until noon, then called and Brian said the the work was all complete and the mechanic was out test driving the vehicle. I waited again until about 3pm and called and Brian said the work was all complete and running perfect, and would come pick me up. Around 4:30 Brian called and said one of this mechanics had an arguement with his wife and was having a personal emergency and if he could have someone pick me up in the morning instead. I said I needed the vehicle (I had already been waiting a whole day since the promised time was 10am this morning). He said he would see if he could get someone in the next few minutes to pick me up. I asked him what time he closed, he said 5PM. I waited again til around 5PM, no call so I called, got an answering machine that they were open til 5:30PM. I called thier emergency tow number, just routes to thier service department, no one answers there either. So here I am, been promised the vehicle since 10AM, waiting all day and no call back to let me know if someone is coming to pick me up. Now I been without the use of my vehicle since the original promised time of 5pm yesterday. Supposedly, someone is to pick me up in the morning, but at what time? I don't have the luxury of just waiting around until they are ready to pick me up. This has been very inconvenient and disruptive to my schedule. As can imagine, I am not happy about this. If Brian realized one of his mechanics was having a personal emergency, he should step up and tell his customers he won't be able to deliver the vehicle at the promised time, instead of keeping his customers in the dark. Sure some customers may be angry momentarily, but will appreciate being informed about the pickup time and the customer experience would be salvaged. But now, because he kept me in the dark about the pick up time, the service has been irreputably damaged and will be very difficult to repair this bad experience.

Not Happy,

A Former Customer

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