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Went to Palatka, FL AAMCO shop to have shift lever repaired. Could not always get transmission out of "Park". Suggested to MGR that maybe a flush and filter change might cure problem. AAMCO had "Special" on flush with power purge of lines for $79.95. However, I had to pay the basic charge of $69.95 plus the $79.95. With that I would get a $30.00 discount and the charge would be $109.10 for their $79.95 service.

Then I was told I must have my serpentine fan belt replaced because it was full of cracks - none of which can be seen with the naked eye.

Then, after the power purge of the transmission, I was advised my master cylinder was "weak" and needed replaced. AAMCO gave me a written estimate of $251.71 for that.

Then had the shift lock actuator replaced at a cost of $96.00. When finished and the pickup was returned to me, I found the shift lever problem still existed; still had problems getting transmission out of "Park", and now suddenly my "Service Engine Soon" light was on.

I have since gone to a no-name garage whose mechanics bled my brakes and found the $96.00 shift lock actuator was improperly installed and not adjusted correctly. Incidentally, there is nothing "weak" about my master cylinder; that was just a means for AAMCO to rip me off even more.

I will never patronize an AAMCO facility anywhere in the United States again and have told family, friends and neighbors how AAMCO screwed me. To say that I am pissed is an understatement.

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I feel your pain. 4 years back, I was visiting family in Palatka, FL from CT.

My car at the time's "Check Engine" light came on and it felt like it had lost a significant amount of power. I brought it in to them, because they were about the only shop in town that took AMEX. They told me it was my Catalytic Converter and it was going to cost around $800 to replace. Being that I had to leave to drive back to CT in a few days I had to pay an extra $300 for "expediated shipping" of the part.

After all was said and done, I paid right around $1400 out the door. Half way back to CT, same exact issue happens (check engine light, loss of power). I call the shop up in Palatka and they tell me they are independently owned, so I cannot go to the closest AAMCO shop to have it fixed under warranty, I would have to have it towed back to them (about 550 miles away now). Kept on trucking to CT because at this point I had no money and was already in debt from the repair.

When I got back home, I had my Uncle (who's been a mechanic at Good Year for over 20 years) check it out. The bas****s punched *** in my catalytic converter, took out all the platinum, and welded a shield over it, so it appeared shiny and new when you looked under the car! WTF??!! I was 19 at the time, and broke.

You live and learn. I could of had a huge lawsuit at the time.

Btw...I'm a full-time student, so I still haven't paid that debt off. NEVER EVER going to an AAMCO again.

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