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I took my car to Amco in fourth worth Texas ( 6828 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116) for a transmission rebuild, and not only was it expensive than all other places that repair transmission, but they also have very rude and inconsiderate, and rude customer service. because i wasn't in the best place financially, it took me about three months to pay off my car's repair.

I had my social security in the car at the moment because i had recently came back from a job interview and unfortunately for me, i forgot it in the car when i dropped it off at Amco to be repaired. Two weeks after i left my car at the shop i received a text from the front desk guy (Ruben) threatening me with my social security card to come in and make payments when i had previously told him i and working on saving up money to pay the payments. i had my social hidden in my glove box of the car, meaning that for him to have gotten to it, he just/must had to be looking for something in my car and talk less of using my social security card to threaten me !!!!!. Fast forward to when i made all the payments in full which was $2900 but at the time when i called to finish off my payment, i was told that my total was no longer $2900 but $4200.

$1300 for parking lot fee for my car sitting in their lot for close to three months. I wouldn't have had a problem with that charge if i was made aware of the parking lot fee from the beginning, but i was never told of the parking lot fee until the very last day when they added the charge without letting me know or without even having that charge written nowhere in their system or on paperwork. Like that wasn't enough, He cancels my car repair warranty stating that because it has been sitting for three months, although the systems and the book of the store says when you get a repair done by then you have either 12 months of warranty or 12000 miles on the warranty, depending on which one the vehicle reached first. Like that wasn't enough, when i picked up my car from the shop, i noticed that everything i had inside my car was MISSING!!!.

I asked Ruben were and what happened to all my belongings and he says " i was going to put a lien on my car so dumped out all my belongings that were in the car in the dumpster " but this was after he said i had nothing in the car when i brought it in !!. Keep in mind that GOING TO and ACTUALLY DOING is not the same thing. At that moment in time, i had already paid off both the parking lot fee and the repair fees so he had no right anymore to be able to put a Lien on my vehicle. i asked for the shop to pay for my damage and thrown away items and he tells me to get off the property and while i was on the phone with my lawyer he calls the cops on me to take me off the property.

I REALLY ADVISE NOT TO TAKE YOUR CAR TO THIS SHOP. Because after spending 5k for repairs this is not the type of treatment anyone should get.

User's recommendation: I really advice not to ever take your to this Shop .

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Refund for all my belongings in the car which cast about 1500 because of the shoes and other different items that were in the car..

Location: 6828 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76116

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