Brampton, Ontario

We live in Brampton Ontario, and from last few days experienced transmission problems. We had taken our car to the AAMCO dealer in 91 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton and spoke to Mr Kamran Ameri on January 3rd, 2013.

We waited about 45 mins in the workshop to know what was wrong with the vehicle. Later Mr. Ameri came and spoke with us about transmission problem and it will cost $1200. He informed us that there is a promotion going on that is why it will cost only $1200 with everything including tax. At first, it was too good to be true to us, since normally for transmission of Honda it would cost close to $2000.00. He did convince us that it would still cost him the same, however, due to the promotion; Aamco Head Office will reimburse him the difference. I have to say, he was very convincing and seemed to be a very nice guy. After we agreed to do the job, he told us that the vehicle will be ready in two days. He also offered us rental car for those days. As we already had another car, we did not take rental car and he said there will be $45 credit towards our bill in lieu of the rental car. Later we requested him in the same time if it is possible to change timing belt and water pump. Mr. Kamran said, since he would be working on the car, it wouldn’t cost more than couple hundred dollar to change the timing belt and the water pump if it is needed. He promised to call us to let us know about the condition of timing belt and water pump after opening the car. At the end we decided to pay $1150 + couple hundred dollars for timing belt (including tax, parts and workmanship). He promised to give the vehicle back on 5th January, 2013.

On Saturday January 5th till noon Mr. Ameri did not call us. We just want to know the condition of the timing belt and water pump and the cost for these two items. We waited and waited but he did not call us. Then around 2 pm we called him and asked about the car. He did not give us all the information’s. He just informed us that his mechanics did not show up so nothing was done in the car and told us to pick up the car on Monday January the 7th 2013. We were very surprised with his behaviour and with his customer service and the way he spoke to us. It almost seemed like it wasn’t the same guy that we dealt with 2 days ago.

On January the 7th, again we waited till noon but did not get any call from Mr. Ameri. This was our 5th day without a car and had lot of challenges to deal with. I work over the weekend and about 30kms each way. My wife had to drop and pick me up during bad weather. We called him back and he informed us that still our car was not ready. This time he gave us very surprised news about the maintenance cost. He told us because there was lot of other problems in this vehicle, he would have to charge us much more and also the car wouldn’t be ready for another day. What really bothered me was that before getting the business he seemed like the nicest person on the planet and after getting the business, he changed totally. During the 6 days, he had our vehicle, he never tried to communicate with us, and we had to call him all the time. Also every time we were fortunate enough to talk to him, he changed the story. When I asked him, how come he is not contacting us, he said he has 40 customers and he can’t be calling each of them. So, at this AAMCo location you are not a customer you are one of the 40 people they are doing you a favour by working on your car. I would advise you to be very cautious taking your car to this location.

On January the 8th again we called him to know about our cars. He never calls us. Around 5pm we went to take our car. After 5 days we got our car back.

I would advise anybody not to go to AAMCO. Always take written service agreement before they start working on your vehicle.

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I also encountered the same problem as you have. Now ammco kicked him off and 100plus people sued him now ammco is under new management by name lerry he has fired all kamran stuff now he good, he has two mechanics they won't charge a single penny unless job is completely done.


Why would you ever go to Scaamco in the first place.Its really easy to look up on the net and see all the problems people have with them everywhere.

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