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I always do my own mechanical work, but I decided to let AAMCO of Columbus, Ga replace the front seal on my transmission, because I didn't have a lift, and it would have taken longer. I supplied the front seal and they did the work, cost me a little over $900.

Two days later I picked my truck up and drove it home, didn't notice anything wrong. That weekend, we left our house headed for the store, got a mile and a half from the house and felt a shudder, I stopped to look under the truck, what I saw blew my mind. The drive shaft support bracket was hanging by one of the two bolts. I called the shop and told them to come pick it up and get it fixed; whick they did.

The mechanic called me to apologize, seems a new mechanic did the work and missed something, he asked to keep it for a couple of days to go over it to see if anything else was missed. Got it back about a day later, seemed to be alright. I then took it on a four hour drive to see the family, when we got there, noticed some transmission fluid blown onto the tailgate and back of camper glass, crawled underneath and couldn't believe it, on of the transmission support bracket bolts was gone and the other three were loose, also the coller return line was loose which is where the fluid came from. I took care of all these issue myself, then a few months later I've begun to see some fluid on the back again; nto much, but enough to concern me.

Now I've found that the upper dipstick tube is misaligned and not seated all the way, and the o-ring for sealing it is gone. AAMCO used to be a trusted name in transmissions, I regret ever letting them touch my truck.

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As a previous franchisee owner, I was screwed by AAMCO, they only do dirty work!!! I had a mechanic install a drive shaft that was too short!!!

I caused the transmission to leak, my center manager took that and ran with it, he told them they needed a new transmission due to the short drive shaft, unbelievable!! Unless you are a crook you cannot survive in the AAMCO world. AAMCO home office only wanted their 7% on a weekly basis, yes we had to pay franchise fees of 7% every week.

AAMCO home office provided no support for that 7%, instead they created a take over division, to take over franchises that were struggling to only turn around and re-sell them for more than they are worth. Instead of supporting they stole, they are nothing but crooks and do very shady work.

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