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Why do you charge $100.00 per tire plug for a 2008 trail blazer

I got 4 tires an then went back because my new tires I bought from Amcco but they were leaking Since I spent over $500. for tires and stabilizers.I checked around an they are not $100.00 apiece but $28.00 apiece. The mechanics do great work but the guy who answers the phone is ripping people off.

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Ann McDonald

Your question is quite specific. It is better to contact Aamco customer service by phone number 888- 346-3226 (toll-free) or send an email at


Warranty repairs

by Rodriques

What happens when my new transmission keeps leaking after 5 attempts to fix it?

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How long does i t built a transmisiib in yourshops

by Shenna

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