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I had my transmission rebuilt at the local Aamco transmission shop and purchased the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty. It took them four months to finish the work. Then, three months later (maybe just a few thousand miles tops) I already needed warranty work. They refused to cover the costs despite the warranty, but eventually, after causing enough of a scene, they did so. Now, about a year later (around 9,000 miles) something inside the trany has gone and it can't go past 50 mph. They are, once again, refusing to pay for the work; saying it's not warranty related despite the damage being INSIDE the trany. They are also saying that, all-of-the-sudden, I never purchased the warranty. When I countered this lie, he then said that I actually had a 12-month warranty. Their story and reasons keep changing but the underlining problem is their work is sub-standard and they continue to refuse to pay for the repairs to a transmission that they just rebuilt.

During the initial rebuild they did on my trany, their management changed twice. When I came back for the first warranty work their management had changed again. Now, when I went back for this latest problem, they have changed management several times since once again!! They keep changing management in order to refuse prior warranty work due to loss of paperwork, miscommunication, and boldface lies.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I would not trust this shop to put air in my tire.


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