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AAMCO rebuilt my transmission at cost of $3,524.31 at 110,753 not counting the $550 before to replace the Tranny Selenoids)

During pick-up, I test drove my Trooper and discovered a whining noise and severe hesitation on take-off; however, was intermittent. Per attached original invoice we wrote on the invoice the hesitation; AAMCO convinced me that it the rear differential was going bad since the transmission was now new.

Two weeks later, AAMCO agreed to replace the “very noisy” catalytic converter. However, the shimming and hesitation on take-off never disappeared. I took it for a second opinion (Aamco); they confirmed since AAMCO rebuilt the tranny, the differential has to be the problem. To ease my obvious concern particularly since “hesitation on take-off was never experienced before transmission rebuild,” AAMCO extended the warranty to 36,000/36 month, with the assumption that if it fails, it will fail during this period.

I wrote a letter to AAMCO and was about to contact AMEX and dispute the charge (see letter details) citing the big concern about the shimming and hesitation on take-off. I lodged a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive Repairs, who spoke with AAMCO and advised me to keep everything documented should a failure occur.

Since, it is not a daily driving vehicle I decided that it does not really terribly bothersome since it was intermittent. I resigned to the fact it is the rear differential and that I will fix it in the future.

Tired of listening to rattling noise from underneath, I took to Amoco in Winchester, who confirmed that the noise is not coming from the transmission. “I gave up and resigned to “leave it as it is”—again, since it is not a daily driving vehicle.

In the last two weeks, the hesitation started to get worse and stronger. Last week, the transmission failed to shift while in “Drive”—on takes-off, it is very heavy; only when I manually shift it from first to second…that the transmission works.

I suspected it is time to fix the rear differential as Amoco advised me five years ago and then again four years ago by another Aamco shop. This time I took it to “Rearend Specialties” and “Gear Master” shops, both of which been in business in excess of 20 years—both advised me that my hesitation and skipping was not due to rear-end issues; rather due to Transmission failure. Gearmaster went to explain that the valves in the transmission vacuum are not engaging automatically; the mechanic cited concerns with the 4L30 transmission model built by GM.

NOW, this changes equation in its entirety. I waited this long trusting it is a rear-end; now the fact that the transmission rebuild was defective, forces the issue to escalate this matter. I was gravely misled.

In short, Aamco have convinced me “unfairly” all this time that the transmission AAMCO built was fine and the problem lied elsewhere while the second opinion from another AAMCO location collaged WHEN in actuality all along the rebuild job was defective—it took 34,000 miles later (3 years and 10 months since I received the second AAMCO opinion) for the problem to re-appear!

Therefore, based on these facts, I am asking that AAMCO treat it as a warranty item at no cost to me and fix the root-cause of the problem while warranting your work for 100,000 as Mike confirmed as a least expected lifespan after $4,000 in investment.

Mike's behavior at AAMCO, Fremont, CA is highly salesy and unethical

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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