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Update by user Mar 19, 2019

Contact Corporate Customer Service, and don't stop until they FIX your car! Email Mike Pekula at mpekula@americandriveline.com

Update by user Mar 19, 2019

See previous updates....

Update by user Mar 19, 2019

I'm glad the transmission was finally fixed properly but in my opinion there will never be RESOLUTION here. I was overcharged $3800 for a transmission repair/rebuild that would have never been right even after several visits to this shop.

The disrespect and lies when dealing with a "woman" was totally unacceptable. In addition, I incurred over $1400 worth of car rentals/Lyft rides while my car was constantly in their shop for several visits, 2-4 weeks at a time. NOT ONE time was my car being fixed or checked. This owner and manager, Joe and Brandon, refused and could not provide any details of what checks or items or anything that was being done while my car was in their shop.

Even killed my new battery, I know my car was just sitting in their lot, no work done. But thankfully, I am very persistent when it comes to STEALING my money, and being lied to, over and over! Aamco Corporate, just as bad.

I leave you with this... DO NOT use AAMCO for anything car related, and if you have, LET THE WHOLE CONSUMER WORLD know about your experience too!!

Update by user Mar 19, 2019

ZERO STARS!! After over a year of heck and stress and a huge lack of customer service, no replies and wasted time, FINALLY got my car's transmission fixed, rebuilt by another non-AAMCO shop.

Kimmer Transmission, in Centennial, CO, near Denver, did a fabulous job. Honest, kind communication from beginning to end. In fact, thanks to Kimmer Transmission, the transmission was rebuilt CORRECTLY this time. AAMCO had used the wrong parts, for the wrong year/type on my Isuzu Rodeo.

In fact, the AAMCO work was never going to be right or work properly, despite AAMCO having my car in their shop for over 3 months on the last visit, and so many other times in the past year after I paid them over $3800 to repair my car's transmission. Not to mention, they lied and treated me like an idiot. WOW...but that's OVER now, I lost $1400 in rentals while believing AAMCO was working on my car. Time to move on!!

BUT I will NEVER go to any AAMCO again, and I will continue to make sure NO ONE else does!! NEVER go to AAMCO, apparently they are horrible in so many other cities too!!!

Update by user Dec 26, 2018

Aamco now owned/handled by American Drive Line. I previously posted my nightmare with Aamco here in Denver.

For the past 6 months I have been contacting Corporate via phone (waste of time since no one is ever available) and also my email, which sometimes works. This company needs to know how many AAMCO shops are ripping off consumers every day and how many shops are NOT QUALIFIED to work on transmissions. This company needs to REPAY every single person they've ripped off. I've wasted my time and so much money (in rentals and "added" costs) trying to fix my car, which I now believe never needed a transmission rebuild.

So please, just keep calling and keep emailing until you get your money back or some resolution!! I'm almost there, finally got AAMCO corporate to agree to pay for my repairs at another NON AAMCO shop! We'll see if that actually happens, since I trust NO ONE at Aamco. The warranty is useless since the shop owners don't care!!

My car was at the shop over 3 months, on several visits, and 2 months on the last visit. I spent over $3800 on the transmission rebuild/repair AND over $1400 in rental car/Lyft ride costs while they were supposedly working on my car. I've caught the shop owner and manager in many lies, I wrote down every conversation, and still they lied!! They did not work on my car but instead let it sit there for 2 months, my new battery died too....

so something is very wrong with this company and many of its franchises. PLEASE keep writing and calling to make sure this company knows what is going on!!

Don't stop! Wishing you all LUCK in getting your paid work fixed in a "timely" manner once and for all!!!Contact Corporate and send complaint toccowan@americandriveline.commpekula@americandriveline.com

Update by user Dec 08, 2018

I have phoned and emailed Mike Pekula at Aamco Corporate Customer Care once again, over and over. It seems there is no support and no concern by either the Aamco store nor Corporate.

I am still waiting for some resolution, and now a REFUND. I do not want to take my car to another Aamco, nor do I trust anyone at this company to fix my car! It's been over a week since my last email/phone call. Every phone call goes to a voicemail and rarely gets returned.

I have called back so many times and never get to speak to a person. The only number given is the generic toll free customer service line where you can only leave message after message. It's pointless! Email contact is no better as it asks me to call back.

It's an endless circle of frustration. I am still waiting for an email with details on another shop to service my car, over a month. This has gone on long enough, since MAY, and now I just want a FULL REFUND!

I don't need the stress nor the worry about driving my car "safely". HELP!

Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2018

I'm still waiting to hear from Mike Pekula at Corporate, RE: another AAMCO shop for recheck of my transmission replaced last year. According to another AAMCO shop, under warranty work must be done by the original shop if located within 50 miles. I refuse to go back to a shop that clearly doesn't care, doesn't know how to fix my car's transmission, and has already wasted enough of my time and money!

It's sad that NO ONE at AAMCO will take responsibility for such horrible customer service and inadequate repairs. My transmission was replaced last year. Since then, my car has been back to AAMCO on several occasions for a period of over 3 months. The "check transmission" light has never turned off, and after continued attempts with Aamco, Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO, this issue is still NOT FIXED. Low transmission fluid errors continue, even after replacing fluid. Car continues to have issues, presently, Torque Converter/Torque Lockup Solenoid. I have not only lost money on car rentals, Lyft/Uber rides, but also down over $3800 in replacing the transmission which probably never needing replacing. This "check transmission" light was NEVER on before the car was taken to AAMCO. I have been treated like a "stupid woman", talked down to, and have caught both the owner and managers of this shop in several LIES. They have not done anything right!!!

I have since taken my car to another transmission shop, locally, non-AAMCO, for a second opinion. My dashboard lights "check transmission" and "check engine" have never turned off since my transmission was replaced last year. And the "check transmission" light was never on, until after my transmission was replaced. Somehow, even after the last visit to AAMCO on Colfax, Denver, CO, where they had my car for 2 months, it turned out the transmission fluid was 2 quarts low?? Even after "waiting for parts to rebuild transmission"??? Further proof of the lies from this store!

I am requesting a REFUND from AAMCO, for all the car rentals, lies, poor customer service, and non resolution of car repairs needed. This store clearly is NOT qualified to work on transmission, especially for Isuzu. I realize my car is 16 yrs old, parts for Isuzu are hard to find, and this car no longer sold in USA, but AAMCO told me they could repair my car. Instead, I have more issues than I had before I took my car to this store! I truly believe nothing was done after the initial transmission repair, and I'm still convinced transmission DID NOT need to be replaced.

REFUND my money!!!

I do not want any AAMCO repair shop working on my car!!!

Time to call the news, consumer reports and really get the job done!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aamco Cons: Discrimination, Shoddy workmanship, Dishonesty, Treated in an ugly manor by owner.

  • bad warranty policy
  • Outragous Fees
  • Ripoff Alert
  • Unqualified For Job
  • Bad Quality
  • Lies
  • Poor Turn Around
  • Dishone
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I'm currently going throught the same process. I got a hold of the IRS A and the corporate office.


what can be said of a shop that does a trany rebuild and other repairs totaling over 8000.00, on a 1996 blazer,not worth 250.00? a rebuilt could have been bought and instaled for less then half there cast to rebuild and some of the other repairs were done less then 8mnths ago.

isabel c

Contact Corporate Customer Service, and don't stop until they FIX your car! "

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